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Vince continues his devil-may-care attitude by buying a motorcycle and hanging out with Scott more.  They go to an auction hall together, buy a dinosaur head off a lame cameo by a Saints player, and bring home the auctioneer girl to the house and throw a party. 

Lloyd and E set up a meeting for Drama with a former sitcom writer coming out of retirement.  He comes up for a script with Drama about two brothers working at the Four Seasons in Maui... only problem, it's a comedy and Drama doesn't do comedies.  He spends the episode realizing what we've been doing for seven seasons... laughing at him while he's playing the straight man.  Drama heads over to the party where he learns that John Stamos is being cast as his better looking brother.

Turtle continues to have problems with his business, meeting with Marvin, who breaks it to him he keeps losing money and needs to cut expenses.  Turtle asks the girls to take 50% less pay and they call quit.  Alex comes by the party to pick up cash after her check bounces, and invites Turtle down to Mexico with her to hear about a shady business opp.

Ari breaks the news about the NFL team to the entire office after Babs gets word of it.  Back at home, Mrs. Ari continues to be angry at Ari over Lizzie, and at the office she ends up asking for a promotion to head up the TV department.  He says no and Babs pushes him to say yes.  Eventually Lizzie quits and Ari tells his wife he fired Lizzie and things seem like they might be good at home again.

At the end of the party, E ends up getting into a shoving match with Scott and breaks the dinosaur head.  Gasp.  Hope our boy got insurance on it.

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Entourage Season 7 Episode 3 Quotes

I would have spun Lloyd around if he was in front of me and if I could lift him.


Lizzie: Ari, I'm not satisfied.
Ari: Sorry kid. I'm not the guy that's going to satisfy you.

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Hickory dichotomy Hickory Dichotomy Stone Temple Pilots iTunes
Song Eric Hachikian Burn Job
Song Que Lindo Sueno King Kahn and The Shrines