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The episode opened with the selection for the mission to Titan getting underway. Fargo and Holly would be heading up the selection team. To help with security, Zane had invited Predictive Algorithmic Lenses (PALs) that Lupo and Carter would wear that would help predict an issue before it happens. 

Just as the PALs predict a catastrophic event they go on the fritz. Zane finds that something is over taxing the system. Carter figured out that Fargo had put on a pair of PALs to help with the selection process. Given that the system is only designed for two inputs the third input is what is causing the over taxing on the system.

While Zane tried to get the system back up and running, Lupo, Carter, and Henry try to reform the images that the PAL had last scene to see if they could figure out exactly what happened from the data they have.

Just as Carter and Henry figured out that the predicted explosion was a result of the PALs system cooling failure, Zane got the system back up and running and the cooling system began to fail. With some quick thinking from Carter they reroute the cooling gel that Dr. Parrish was using for his slugs to the PAL system; except that Lupo had to manually open the valve. 

After opening the valve Lupo was beginning to slip, but Zane was there to help pull her out. In the end the PAL system was shut down and Carter told Lupo that she can’t predict how things with her and Zane would end up this time.

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Eureka Season 4 Episode 13 Quotes

Zane: Why don't you relax and see where things go.
Jo: Because, I've done this before, we don't work. We only have a spark
Zane: Sometimes a spark is all you need

I killed myself at MIT while everyone else was killing orcs and trolls and getting booty!