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It's a regular day in Eureka with everyone going about their daily routines.

We were introduced to Dr. Holly Marten sent by Senator Wen to investigate the FTL accident.  Allison left for a medical conference leaving her children in Jack's care.  Zane harassed Jo about their alternate history.  And Henry and Grace celebrated their “anniversary."

A stressed-out Fargo took Holly to see the FTL drive where he promptly used it to zap her out of the building.  Kevin was bored and kept taking matters into his own to try and save the day... even if it meant commandeering Jack's Jeep.

On the way to her medical conference, Allison blew a tire and as she pulled over to the side of the road spotted a freaked out woman near the busted through railing and told Allison she was following her father who lost control of his car and crashed down the hill.  Allison decided to help her and her father.

When Jo wouldn't give Zane the time of day, to “get her attention” he torched her new house.  Jo and Jack later theorized that perhaps the weird behavior was due to exposure to the FTL drive.  Jack and Kevin also discovered a slowly spreading stasis field toward General Dynamics, and it also later learned that it started in Henry's garage.

Later it is realized that the music was influencing the town's strange behavior since the server had downloaded the music from Holly's iPod which were encoded with neural linguistic programming originally designed to help her with her anxiety around “social situations”.  The programming encoded into all the tracks which caused people act on their predisposed impulses.  Realizing what she had done, Holly reprogrammed her iPod to help immunize people from the effects of the original programming.

With Jack stuck in the stasis field with a bullet at his back (courtesy of a Bob Marley-influenced Jo), Kevin ends up saving the day by dismantling the machine that was causing the field.

But when Allison returned, her head still ached from when she slipped on the hill and fell on a rock.  In reality, she was assaulted and injected with some device which is now implanted in her head/neck and what she thought happened was merely what the strangers had programmed her to remember.

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Eureka Season 4 Episode 12 Quotes

Jo: What'd ya do?
Fargo: I got rid of her. It's for the best. So... who wants breakfast?

Zane: Looking good Loop-o. I mean the new place. A little small though. Didn't know you were building a Tardis house.
Jo: A what?
Zane: Big on the inside, tiny on the... never mind.