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Tonight’s episode opened with Carter, Fargo, Grant, and Kevin in a high speed car chase from Tiny the giant six-leg robot who was chasing them and apparently trying to kill them. We then returned to 12 hours earlier where Kevin’s “Emo” robot was caught spying on Jo in the shower. Carter suggested to Allison that he take Kevin camping with him, Fargo, and Henry.

Henry backed out of the camping trip to help Grace with a project. While helping her he told her about the time travel and that in his reality they had barely met. As Grace stormed out the headset Henry was wearing shorted out and shocked him.

Many other computer systems began showing peculiar issues including a medical bed that tried to dissect Larry’s brain. Meanwhile, Carter, Fargo, and Kevin were joined by Grant for the camping trip began their camping experience. Carter attempted to talk to Kevin about the stunt with the robot but, Kevin gets mad and walks off with Grant. 

Deputy Andy and Virtual Vincent both go on the fritz as Jo figured out that the problem seemed to be affecting all AIs. Carter decided to be a bit cooler with Kevin, He and Grant got into a verbal match over Allison. While arguing neither noticed Kevin leave the camping area.

Using the info Jo found Zane found that all level 6 AI programs had a strange emotional sub routine in them like a virus causing all AIs to have emotional responses. The infection included Tiny the titan rover robot who was loose in the woods where the guys were camping.

Grant and Carter found Kevin and as they got back to the campsite they found Fargo trapped in his automated tent and then Tiny walked into camp. They take off running and eventually end up in the car where we were when the episode started. Tiny managed to stop the car and pin down Kevin. As Carter and Grant prevent Tiny from using her laser on Kevin they figured out that she was having an emotional response to Kevin’s “emo” robot homework, once they gave her Emo, she let Kevin go.

After all the commotion Zane went through and removed the emotional program from all the AIs. When he went to do Deputy Andy, Andy asked him not to and they agreed to both leave it out of their reports.

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Eureka Season 4 Episode 6 Quotes

Carter: You were bragging about going on a date with his mom. If you bragged about a date with my mom I would run off in the woods too.
Grant: I will be sure never to tell you about it.

Has anyone ever told you that your PH levels are perfectly balanced?

Deputy Andy