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Tonight’s episode opened with Zoe returning from College for a visit. Carter followed Allison out of the diner and asked her to dinner while Zoe and Jo caught up inside. Jo got a phone call that her house rebuilding project was on hold due to a fossil they found at the site. Jo, Zoe, and Carter went to the site to see what is happening.

At the dig site Zoe recognized the person in charge as Dr. Thurgood who had taught her in high school. The construction stayed halted as Thurgood showed in the town charter where scientific discovered superseded construction.

As Carter got ready for his first date with Allison Zoe mentioned she left her bag at the dig site when she was working with Thurgood. Carter took Zoe back over to dig site only to find Thurgood apparently dipped in concrete. The body was taken to Allison who found that not only was he still alive but his skin was turned to concrete not dipped in it.

Carter went to the construction company warehouse to interview some other workers after locking up the foreman that had gotten into an argument with Thurgood only to find more guys turned or turning to stone. Carter went back to his office to confront the foreman only to find she too was turned to stone.

Allison and Zoe figured out that Thurgood was trying to fake a fossil using a permineralization or “perm” solution and it appeared that it had backfired on him and the others. Carter sent Zoe to the spa to relax while Allison worked on reversing the process. Allison found that there was two parts to the process and Carter went to get Zoe to ask her to help Allison, when he found her, her hands were already turning to stone.

As Zoe slowly started turning to stone, Carter and Jo figured out that one of the ingredients that the spa used limenane is also in the solvent that the construction crew used to remove flashcrete from their hands and the limenane had reacted to the “perm” and caused them to turn to stone.

Allison was able to create an antidote and saved everyone that was turning to stone. While Zoe was recovering Zane came to see her and became apparent that she and Zane were close. Jo walked in and saw them and had to leave as she was crushed by what she saw.

After consoling Jo Carter went to talk to Allison about their missed date and the kiss they shared. Allison said it would most likely be best if they didn’t complicate their friendship as she didn’t want to lose it. Carter agreed and started to walk away but spun back and kissed her. They both kissed each other and ended up in against the wall smiling at each other.

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Eureka Season 4 Episode 7 Quotes

So he rejiggered the perm! I knew someone had rejiggered something!


Why did it take me 40 years to do that?