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Tonight’s episode opened where last week left off with Grant speaking to Barlowe. Barlowee told Grant about a new weapon that GD was making. Grant then showed up at a picnic at Henry and Grace’s house, where he asked Fargo if he could tag along. Fargo said sure and they went to GD to meet General Mansfield for a test of the DOD defense laser. Grant pointed out to Jo that the laser was a weapon that could make other make stronger weapons.

Carter got a call from Deputy Andy and went to his location where one of the bridges in Eureka fell in. Deputy Andy ran a diagnostic when he got back to the office. Carter turned around from Deputy Andy to see Stark sitting in his chair.

While showing Henry the damage to the bridge Carter got a call from Allison who wanted to meet him for dinner. When Carter walked into the restaurant Stark, Tess, and Allison were sitting there. Carter sat down and just as they started to talk Vincent walked up and asked what he could get the two of them. Both Allison and Carter realized they are hallucinating.

While having Grant and Fargo looking into what could have caused their hallucinations Fargo and Jo came in after having realized that they too were hallucinating. Grace and Henry determined that an overload in a neural amplifier they were wearing at the picnic had caused each of them to hallucinate and until they dealt with the emotions driving the hallucinations they would not go away.

Fargo met Barlowe at the café again and she gave him a GD security code he would need to use to play his part in their plan. He went back to GD where Fargo had setup a dampening field around the DOD device to try and stop it from going off. As Zane and Fargo were checking the device Carter used the code to disable the field and the computer blew up throwing him across the room.

Carter figured out that the DOD device was being stimulated by an external oscillation source and that is what caused the bridge and a few other items to collapse. Allison and Carter found the oscillation device and it shut off just as they found it. When Carter called Jo, she told him the DOD device had been stolen.

Fargo stood up to General Mansfield when he came in and tried to accuse Fargo of the weapon being stolen as his fault. This allowed his hallucination to leave. Jo stood up and confronted Zane about the fact she had been Romanticizing their relationship and threw the ring back at him. However, Carter walked in and could see Zane, so it was the wrong Zane. Carter also arrested Zane for conspiring to help steal the DOD device.

Allison and Carter finally sat down and had a heart to heart. She explained that she was scared and he explained he was totally in love. This allowed the Hallucinations of Stark and Tess to disappear.  Grant met Barlowe at the café again and said he didn’t like being used. She said they stole the device for the power source and then showed him how they had rebuilt the bridge device and were planning on sending him home.

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Eureka Season 4 Episode 8 Quotes

That never stops being creepy.


Hard to be the big dog with your tail between your legs.

Jessica Lansky