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The episode opened with the Astraeus candidates waiting for their final interviews for the mission to go to Titan, while Allison and Jack waited for a second visit from the DoD in the form of a supervisor to appeal the decision for their relationship not being approved.

The supervisor turned out to be Warren again who was recently promoted and was back to process their appeal using a neural transmitter to gather images from both Jack and Allison. As Warren put the device away he got a little shock from coffee being spilled on it. 

As the Astraeus engines are being tested they go haywire due to a piece of metal being wedge in the back of the engine. Shortly afterwards Carter is lured into a decontamination unit and a guard is knocked out for his uniform. 

These events lead Jack and Henry to realize that Warren must be living out Jack’s memories. Henry and Jack are able to stop Warren, Grace and Allison were able to remove the memories and Warren was fine.  Actually he was better than fine as he now felt really close to Allison and Jack and said that their relationship was approved! 


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Eureka Season 4 Episode 18 Quotes

Warren: That is! I think we have what we need.
Jack: That's it?
Warren: What, were you expecting the Spanish Inquisition?
Jack: Uh, nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition.

Allison: It only records the memories you're willing to share, so think about those.
Jack: See I have seen this before and then the Stay-puft Marshmallow man.. Grrrr, comes Arrrgh down the street, ah... no.