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After a high-strung theater producer's behavior turns from demanding to what is believed to be demonic, Kristen, Acosta, and Ben are called in to assess the situation.

While the team is intially dismissive the case, they have second thoughts when they see the producer, Byron Duke, yelling at and choking a supposedly invisible entity named "Joe" on a web camera.

The team learns that Duke is talking to "Joe" through his virtual assistant. Ben believes Duke's virtual assistant was hacked, but he has difficulty finding out how.

The team eventually learns an angry IT consultant hacked Duke's virtual assistant and convinced Duke he was a demon named "Joe." 

After getting rid of his virtual assistant, Duke seems in a better mood. He then gets a chat message from "Joe" and promptly commits suicide.

Elsewhere, Kristen gets a call that Townsend has started overturning her previous rulings at the Queens District Attorney’s Office, starting with trying a 15-year-old as an adult for his crimes.

Kristen comes to court and Townsend uses her stolen therapy notes against her, painting her as an impartial forensic psychologist who made decisions based on her heart, not her head.

Following Townsend’s testimony, Kristen confronts him and records their conversation where Townsend admits his nefarious intentions.

However, when Kristen plays the recording, Townsend’s words are garbled.

Kristen asks Ben for help, but he tells her he can’t recover the original conversation. He says he can fake the audio recording, and Kristen agrees.

The faked audio recording is played in court and Townsend is discredited.

Finally, after speaking with Father Amara about his drug-induced visions, Acosta tries to find out what they mean.

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Evil Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Duke: I promised to give you 20 minutes, so Patty doesn’t drop a Me Too dime on me.
Acosta: So you think you’re vulnerable to the Me Too issues?
Duke: I didn’t say that. There’s a reason Harvey Weinstein went down. I don’t use sex, and I’m much more talented.

Kristen: That’s a real thing: People pledging their souls?
Acosta: It’s real in that if a human wants power, they can trade away their future for that power.
Kristen: Oh, so you mean it as a metaphor.
Acosta: No, I think a lot of what we consider metaphor is real.
Ben: Are you texting?
Kristen: No, I’m taking notes.