Hail Satan - EVIL
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Sheryl is addicted, visiting Leland for more infusions and heading out to bars to pick up younger men with Leland watching.

She's got one hell of a bruise on the back of her knee from the injections.

Oh. Well, she just tied up one fellow and then took a drill to his head.

Ben and Kristen try to talk David out of taking his vows in 18 days.

The IRS needs the team's help this time out.

Miss Iota is interested in an investigation into The New Ministry of Satan.

Bishop Marx hopes that they'll move the conversation in the direction of not recommending that they get tax exempt status.

They meet Graham Lucian, chief of operations. He seems like a decent chap.

Graham says he doesn't believe in Satan. He knows him. They antagonize each other and take their leave.

An exorcist gives Leland the rundown of his exorcism, and Leland spots the Satan pamphlet, laying into the idea that they're actual believers.

Kristen and Andy are having a session with Kurt when Andy asks if Kristen is sleeping with anyone, specifically, David. As she weighs her answer, she sees the flaming head man across the room and tempers her answer. She pulls Kurt aside to note that she's still hallucinating, and in spite of taking two pills a night, she's getting worse.

Leland is in the throes of his exorcism. And, if he's not possessed, David is getting quite a surprise as Leland speaks in different voices and kicks a man across the room.

David wonders if Leland could have faked that, and the exorcist says no. Leland is having spasms alone in the room.

David requests Kristen's help. He explains what happened. He thinks God is involved.

Marx has a new lead. Bishop Jim sounds like he really believes what they're doing over there at the new ministry. They arrive as service is in session.

Kristen find the half naked women to be tacky.

Kristen hears Leland's voices, and she's freaked out. He spits up something black that is crawling with critters, and she's sweating and holding down a gag, but when she gets to the bathroom, her abdomen is lacerated and she gives birth to a snail thing. Or does she? I have no idea, but she's not well.

Once she gets to the car, all she sees on her stomach are her burns.

Kristen runs into Graham the bar. He admits he doesn't really believe, and she takes him to her car. She puts the seat down, and tells Graham to get in and lower his pants. She pulls off her underwear and climbs on board.

Kristen is putting on her underwear outside of her house when Sheryl walks outside. Sheryl gives her advice how to hide her crime, and Kristen says she had something in her panties, that's all.

Leland calls Sheryl. He's a mess. He wants her help. She will only do it if it's transactional. He promises her Edward and asks her to bring root beer.

Kristen follows Sheryl's advice to the letter.

Kristen is freaking the hell out. She has decided that Kurt is sleeping with Sheryl and feeding her information. She quits Kurt, who then picks up the phone to make a call. Kristen calls him out on it.

When Sheryl gets to Leland's house, he's playing the beeker song and on the ground in a huddled mess. She fills a tub with blood and puts Leland in, clothes and all. He asks for specific blood to help him reconnect.

Sheryl wonders if Leland can survive one more night of the exorcism.

Graham and Jim want the team to be called biased because Kristen slept with Graham. She laughs in his face and says he's lying. But Bishop Jim assures them that Satan isn't finished with them and is coming for all three of them.

Leland is back to being plain old Leland during the final night of his exorcism, but Kristen is writhing in pain and vomiting outside of the room. It looks like she's in urgent need of an exorcism. When the priest asks if Leland accepts Jesus as his lord and savior, Kristen's face mellows.

Somehow, nobody notices Kristen on the floor despite the dramatics. When she exits the room, she feels invigorated and thinks she's been exorcised.

Kristen didn't get home in time to say goodbye. She's crying as she leaves him a message not to go before she gets there, but he's already gone.

From her bedroom window, she sees a fire. It's not the flaming head, it's Andy. He didn't leave. She races into his arms.

He has a Tibetan fire burning thing and they burn their transgressions.

Leland is visited by the burning head.

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Evil Season 2 Episode 11 Quotes

Kristen: This is a scam, isn't it?
Graham: Oh, yee of little faith. No more than your church.

Kristen: And what's your creed?
Graham: Do what you want, unless it hurts someone. If someone presents themselves as your adversary, destroy them, and look for rewards now, not after. Satan. All glory.
Kristen: Destroy them. How?
Graham: Not in any way that would break the laws of the United States.