Leland and Sheryl - EVIL
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The previously on portion runs down all of the RSM Fertility stuff that I barely remembered. There is a very cool beat as it plays.

Leland wants to take Sheryl to a dinner in the Hamptons.

David and Ben are asking Kristen questions about Lexis's conception and whether there are issues with Lexis. She doesn't answer truthfully.

Ben visits Vanessa, who says that Maggie has been throwing things around. She's totally upset. He hopes to make a call for her, but she wants to do it herself. She says she loves him, and he says he thinks he loves her, too.

David and Kristen go to visit Mathilde's mother. She got a letter that they stopped paying for her eggs or something.

Mom says that Mathilde's teeth were pretty much like Lexis's teeth. At home, Lexis is looking at her teeth while watching an influencer's video on teeth.

Kristen hasn't paid the fees of her eggs, but they're all paid up. But there is another name on the account, and they won't tell her who it is.

Vanessa has taken Ben to visit with a voodoo woman or something.

Voodoo Marie has a whole setup to make people believe her mumbo jumbo. It's kind of like what Wynonna did on SurrealEstate.

Kristen gets the name of the woman on her account.

Vanessa is a completely different person. As it turns out, she is a completely different person.

Kristen and David are with Eric's mother, who is pregnant again.

Cara Autry is who helped her get pregnant with Olive.

Lexis cannot stop looking at herself in the mirror. She wants the biggest clothes to hide herself.

Sheryl finds a dress she loves and removes the plastic thing and jams it into her bag.

Lexis has taken a photo with an app because she feels so badly about herself.

At home, Lexis is looking into a mirror, and she has a tail.

Sheryl and her red dress join Leland at a whit party. She's embarrassed to look different, and when someone says "cool look," she decides to stay.

Leland introduces Sheryl to Edward. He's an influencer.

Sheryl discovers Edward has a birth defect in his eye. He spots someone across the room and abruptly asks for her contact information.

Kristen meets with Cara who pretends that she cannot remember her. Kristen finds it odd since she's been paying for her eggs for the last six years.

Cara says her religious convictions won't allow her to let an egg die. Kristen doesn't care. She only cares about having control over her body.

The woman goes bezerk, lying and threatening Kristen. Kristen leaves by slamming the door. Ben and David are outside, and they follow Cara when she storms out.

Cara went straight to Leland's. Kristen tells David to make sure they record her because she's a liar.

Kristen checks on Lexis, who is watching another video, this time about thigh gaps.

No idea what happens with Cara, but when the trio goes to see her the next day, she's taken an extended vacation.

Sheryl meets Edward, and he says they're meeting up with Leland later. They're at Leland's house having drinks, and Edward is rubbing her legs. Leland is making chocolate covered strawberries.

Earlier in the night, Edward said he was giving her poison. When he asks if she can stand, and she can't it's not so funny anymore. He pulls out a syringe and asks her to scream. She cannot. She's crying as he injects her in the neck.

Ben is with Vanessa and Maggie and has no idea what the hell is going on.

Vanessa calls him. She's on the phone. Late from the train. Ben has no idea what the hell is happening.

Leland and Edward put Sheryl on the floor. Leland plays the dance of the sugar plum fairy on the computer and walks off to look at a room. In that room is the doctor, wrapped in a cocoon of sorts. He gathers supplies while Sheryl gets an IV in the back of her leg. Edward puts on in his leg, and then Leland attaches a jug to them.

Kristen has a court order to get her eggs back and discovers she only has 11.

When David gets to Leland's, Edward and Sheryl are coming out. They've been rejuvenated and it looks gross.

It's the baby thing from the dark web.

Kristen tries to explain body positivity to Lexis by showing her what her video gal looks like without makeup.

Lexis decides to embrace her tail. She's unique.

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Life is best when it's surprising, terrifying.


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Sheryl: Mutual.

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