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Oh no. Kristen is seeing Kurt again. She needs to talk about what happened when Logan gutted Valerie.

When Kurt gets the full story, he doesn't know what to say. But Kristen is sad to report that a part of her was relieved. And that thought horrifies her.

Kristen is worried. She's thinking darker things. She can't talk with Andy. She thinks he might never return, and in some way, that might be simpler.

Kurt assures her that thoughts are not actions. But Kristen thinks she wishes for things, and then they come true. Kurt says its narcissistic to think that her thoughts influence the outside world.

Then Kristen notices his bloody hand. He cut himself shaving. She wonder how he cut the back of his hand shaving, and he says, "oh, I fell down. Getting older."

Kurt says his back is also cured. He's acting strange. And then he suggests weekly therapy.

David is at East Cove Marina, Berth 22. He wants Kristen to join him.

But before she goes, Kurt begins playing his record, and Kristen needs to know what is going on. She wonders if he's alright. He wants her to read his book. He needs input. She takes it.

Kristen meets David and Ben at the marina. They get wrist bands to get on the yacht. A man is kind of hidden inside. He's got his windows closed and papered over. He thinks there is a demon out there.

He's drinking an $11k bottle of wine all alone and offers some to the group. No matter where he goes, there is a demon following him. David initially blames the wine, removing it from his hand.

One day, his little investments hit big, and that's when the demon started following him. the good news is that he got it on video, and it's a creepy guy whose gait stutters when he walks, the electricity around him flaring on and off. The man made it into the boat and went up and down the stairs all night, trying to get into his room.

David and Kristen decide that it's the IRS trying to scare him. David finally wonders how an IRS agent could be doing that to the electricity.

David gets a call from Victor. Grace needs him. When David gets to the church, priests are carring boat floats into the room. Priests are browbeating her into translating documents, handing her the balloons to say, if you play with this? They know that blowing things up gives her visions.

She needs a break, and David is the only one who can give it to her. As they talk, they kick a giant beach ball around the room.

When Grace spots David's wristband, she pulls a file. The wristband is connected to the Royal Sigal, one of the most important. Her break is over. She suggests it's iffy if he'll be allowed a second visit, David wants her to take control of the situation as they need her more than she needs them.

David takes the symbol to Mr. Treza. He's got a pen with the symbol on it. A daytrader gave it to him when he was a teller. She made a fortune on it.

Her uncle gave her the pen. She seems to have lost everything, or downsized, as she calls it.

She said that the night she hit it big, she was followed by a shadow. As her stocks were doing better, he kept coming. When she gave away everything, the thing went away. She had to take a vow of poverty to get rid of him.

Her uncle told her how to do it. He, too, was stalked. Tamara sends them to her uncle, who is in a wheelchair, with gause on his nose and an eyepatch.

When he gave away everything he bought, he still followed. Until he realized that he used some of the money for lasik and a nosejob. He had to give it ALL back, including his wife's breast implants.

Henry isn't thrilled about getting rid of everything to get rid of the demon. David thinks the easiest solution is to give everything away, until Kristen tells him about the uncle, and Henry freaks. He's got hair plugs. He paid for his mom's hip surgery. Is he just supposed to rip that out?

Kristen almost gives him Kurt's card, but thinks better of it.

Henry says there has to be another way.

Ben calls in his sister for help on the video. She's got answers, but they don't answer anything. Neither of them thinks anything of the scataccato walk though.

David is called to help with Grace. She's no longer talking -- at all. David says she needs to find a place with children.

The girls are looking at supermarket guy online when Kristen gets a call from David. He invites himself, Grace, and the holy gang to Kristen's birthday celebration.

They love her, and she's soon in the ball pit. Grace tells Laura that her dad will be home next Thursday. Being in the pit inspires her, and she does a full century of work in one day.

Kristen looks at the book, and it's all gobbedly gook. One of her daughters picks it up and holds it to the mirror. It's about them.

Ben gets an alert on Henry's alarm. The man is inside his room. Before Ben gets to Henry, Henry is face down in the water and the police are on the scene.

The cops deemed it a suicide, saying that he staged it so his family would get the insurance. Makes no sense since the guy was rolliing in dough.

David and Ben and the girls put together a surprise party for Kristen. Everyone's there from Grace to the priests to Sheryl. When Grace meets Sheryl, she goes dark. She says she won't blame her for tomorrow night. OMG. I get they're killing Andy tomorrow, and he's coming back in a body bag!!

Kristen thanks Grace for the news that Laura's heart will heal because it healed. Then Kristen asks about Lexis. She won't have behavioral issues in the future, but Grace has a vision of Andy and draws where he is. Sheryl snaps a photo of it.

Karima bought some of the DF stock. Now she's got a follower. It has no definition. It's just a figure. Ben's first thought is that someone is screwing with them. David thinks they've been looking at this all wrong. This is a Ring scenario. Seven Days. Ben says it's bullshit. He wants Karima to give him the stock tip, passing the demon to him.

Leland is reading "The Coming Civil War" and laughing when Sheryl arrives with the snapshot. Leland says Grace Ling is bad news.

Leland pulls out his mystery drawer and grabs a blade.

Ben is getting paranoid, but when he looks around, the figure is behind him. Ben walks in his direction. At first, he was moving away, and then, he was following, causing Ben to pick up speed to his apartment. Ben doesn't see the figure once he's home.

Kurt is trying to write. It's not happening, so he calls on Satan, and then he doesn't. Fucking Satan! He calls Kristen, instead.

He's so excited that the girls liked it. It's about a girl who kills her mother, and she thinks he needs to end it with the body parts assembling and then going upstairs.

Ben has called David and Kristen over. He's looking for the obvious solution. David offers to bunk with Ben, but Kristen wants the stock tip.

She immediately takes the tip to the online menace from the grocery store.

Grace is praying in her room when an entity slices the throat of her guard. That entity is Leland. She pulls her hand to her throat. She can feel it. Leland taunts her with hide and seek. He's finally doing his own dirty work!

She gets on her knees, crying, praying.

This is our chance for good to triumph over evil. Will Grace prevail???

Monsignor rushes into the room, stopping Leland. All three are battling it out. Monsignor, stabbed, falls down the stairs, and Leland runs away with injuries.

Monsignor's dying words are to tell Father Ignatious he loves him.


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Evil Season 3 Episode 9 Quotes

Grace, ask for what you need. You'll get it. They need you more than you need them.


Listen, I am not stressed because I have money. I am stressed because I'm being stocked by a demon.