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Astronaut Molly Woods recalls a mystifying encounter with another person on the space station where she was supposedly all alone. 

Molly's little boy asks if she's too sick to come to a party. She's throwing up in the bathroom.

She hasn't had a drink in 13 months, but her doctor doesn't want her to have one now, either.

Ethan is fighting with the other kids at the welcome home party.

Molly takes out the trash and there is a man in the street watching her.

When husband John puts Ethan to bed, Ethan says he needs a flip. John pops out Ethan's battery pack.

Molly and Ethan kiss in the shower. It's too slow.

Molly is looking at photos of her, younger, with a man named Marcus. John still thinks about him and how if he hadn't died they may never have met.

While John prepares for a conference about Ethan, Molly talks to Sam who tells her she's pregnant.

Flashback to Molly in space. She was talking to Ben, the computer on board, when he detects a solar flare that cuts the lights. When the lights go back on, she sees Marcus. He writes Help Me in the steam on the door.

Back in the doctor's office, she is concerned because she doesn't know how she can be pregnant. She just wants time to figure it out before she tells John.

John is giving his speech about robotics. Genuine connection is what has been missing with their current interfaces. He introduces Ethan.

Molly is looking at an In Memoriam photo of Harmon Kryger, an astronaut Molly knew well but passed away.

John talks to the group about humanics. They learn right from wrong, etc., just like any child. A woman in the group wonders what they would do if the humanics went bad. Is there a termination plan? John asks her if she has a contingency plan to murder her daughter. They argue over souls and proper behavior. John would not supply the humanics with any contingency plan. The group is not impressed.

There are 13 hours of time missing from the blackout. They need her medical exams and psych exams to finish the report.

Alan Sparks goes to a room and a man in goo is brought out. His name is Yasumoto. Sparks thinks Molly is lying because she doesn't make those kinds of mistakes.

Sparks suggests Yasumoto's corporation funds John's project so they can keep an eye on the family. Yasumoto wonders if John sees it's a solution for infertility.

While Molly and Ethan are out at the park, she gets a balloon with a note "I know what happened to you. Contact soon." Ethan gets angry when she pulls him and he drops his ice cream. He runs away in anger and she finds him in the woods next to a dead bird. He says it was like this when he found it and her hair looks really pretty.

Molly talks with John about Ethan. Ethan is not the same as when she left, and John just says it's because he's older. John sees him as more of a son, but Molly has never seen him the same way.

Flashback to space. Molly is burning herself to try to make Marcus in the window go away. She opens the door after turning on her camera. He imitates her words, but doesn't appear to know language. He reaches out for her face. She says it's OK. She recalls him as the man she loved. He obviously is not. He traces his finger from her throat to her tummy. They touch each others faces and he says it's OK over and over until she seems to pass out.

The next morning John talks to her about the funding. She congratulates him and goes into the psych evaluation. The therapist wants it to be a sanctuary but Sparks is listening in, unbeknownst to Molly.

Flashback and Molly wakes up on the floor. She plays back the footage. There is nobody on the screen but her. She tries all of the other angles, but it's just Molly touching nothing. Before she sees the entirety of the footage, she deleted all of it.

Molly goes outside and the man hiding in the street is Harmon. He looks dreadful. She tells him everyone thinks he's dead. Don't trust them, he says. Who? Anybody.

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Extant Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

Well you know what? I think we always end up where we're supposed to.


I don't know what's going on with you, but you better get used to it because that kid is the closest we're ever going to become to being parents.