Judge Nicastro and Kate
Watch Fairly Legal Season 1 Episode 3
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This is the third episode of Fairly Legal. On it, Kate is assigned to the case of a high school football coach against angry parents.

Paul Schulze on Fairly Legal
Watch Fairly Legal Season 1 Episode 2
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Paul Schulze guest stars this week as a falsely convicted man. Kate oversees a case between him and the state.

Fairly Legal Pilot Pic
Watch Fairly Legal Season 1 Episode 1
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On the premiere of Fairly Legal, we meet Kate Reed. She quits her job as a lawyer to become a mediator.

Fairly Legal Quotes

Kate: She's a bit obsessive, our step-mother. Don't you think?
Spencer: That's what Dad loved about her.
Kate: I thought that was her ass.
Spencer: There's that too.

We most definitely have a deal. There is no sex ever. And when we do have sex there is no spending the night.