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It didn't take long this week for the kids to escape from Terry and his crew. After he made the mistake of telling Mike his plan, Terry's friend led the 2nd Mass kids away.

But he got killed in the escape.

Hal then took the children to an abandoned home, where they hid until Terry and his people found them. In a confusing exchange, Tom then showed up and offered himself as a prisoner. In exchange, he wanted both sides to drop their weapons. This went down, Tom joined his sons and they all went back to the farm with Terry -- where Weaver was waiting!

Tom ended up killing Terry because he pulled a gun on Hal, but Terry's group was otherwise disarmed and the 2nd headed back to the school.


- Pope returned to help Tom save the kids. He's back at the cook for the 2nd now.

- Sarah gave birth to a boy.

- Rick made it clear to Ben near the end of the episode: he's a Skitter now.

- Early in the hour, Terry explained his motives. He said it was just a question of survival, as he made a deal with the Skitters to bring them kids in exchange for them leaving his group alone.

Falling Skies
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