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The 2nd Mass ran into an old friend of Weaver's to start this episode, Terry Clinton. He said the 7th Mass was taken out and the survivors are holed up at a farm.

He also said a Skitter attack was imminent, the 3rd Mass would soon arrive at the school and he should take the kids with him to the farm to be safe in the meantime. After a lot of back a forth, Tom agreed and made the decision on behalf of the civilians: all kids would go with Terry while the adults stayed behind and fought. This included his three children, as well.

But we later learn that Terry is up to something very bad. He gets all the kids to the farm and then viewers watch him actually take another child and hand him over to the Skitters. He tells a harnessed girl that he'll bring more in a couple days because "that's the deal." The episode then ends with him feeding a chained Pope and thanking him for telling him about the 2nd Mass at the school.

Elsewhere, Anne gets attacked and starts to train with a gun in order to protect herself.

Falling Skies
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