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Paige Townsen flies into Los Angeles on her private jet. A flight attendant asks for her autograph. She's incognito leaving the airport but still gets accosted by paparazzi demanding information about her personal life. In her limo, she sees a picture of herself on the cover of a magazine.

We flashback to one year earlier, where Paige's roommate and friend convinces a reluctant Paige to audition for the movie Locked with her. Paige wants to be an actress, but is pretending to love Economics to please her parents.

Rainer makes out with a girl on the couch in his house while a news report about his feud with his ex best friend Jordan (allegedly over Rainer's girlfriend, Tangey) plays on the TV. Rainer's mother Nina, a movie executive, interrupts, sending the unnamed hookup scurrying away. She breaks the news to Rainer that she's asked Jordan to join the cast of Locked, alongside Rainer.

Thousands of girls wait online to audition, Paige and Cassie among them. Paige babbles nervously.

Rainer and Jordan bump into one another on the street. Jordan suggests they bury the hatchet if they'll be working together, but Rainer is unwilling to looks past "who Jordan turned out to be."

After her audition, Rainer goes into the casting office, where his mother and the casting directors argue over whether Dakota or Alexis, two known popular actresses, should be cast. Rainer spots Paige through the window and is enraptured.

Nina goes to a restaurant, getting accosted by paparazzi who demand to know whether she's cast Locked yet. Nina corner Barrett, the talk show host who was spreading rumors about Rainer. She insults him, mentioning that he used to be her lowly assistant, and threatens him by grabbing him by the balls until he agrees to keep her son's name out of the news. On her way out, Nina sees Jordan and the two share a look.

Paige and Cassie sing and goof around while folding laundry. An older rich looking guy approaches Cassie outside, telling her that she can bring Paige next time if she wants to. Cassie reacts awkwardly and Paige questionins her about who the guy was. Cassie lies that he was a stranger. In the laundromat, Paige gets a callback to audition against for Locked.

Rainer approaches Alexis, one of the actresses up for the Locked role. He tells her that Jordan might be joining the Locked cast. She asks him to get over his beef with Jordan. Rainer recruits Alexis to convince Jordan not to read for the part in exchange for Rainer convincing his mother to cast Alexis as the female lead.

Cassie confronts Paige about her crush on Jake, their other roommate. Paige is hesitant to tell him how she feels, but Cassie convinces her that Jake feels the same way. Cassie shows up at the house of the rich guy from earlier, announcing herself as Lacey.

Alexis visits Jordan and tells him that Rainer recruited her to convince him not to take the role. They end up casually having sex because "why not."

Back at her apartment, Paige ogles a shirtless Jake. Jake misunderstands and thinks she's mad at him when she demands that he put on a shirt. Paige babbles again and Jake calms her down, going in for a kiss before they're interrupted by Cassie. Paige reveals to the two of them that she got a callback for Locked.

The next day, Jake approaches Paige about what she was going to say to him the night before. He kisses her. She tells him they'll talk about it after his play and grab a drink. 

Nina tells Rainer that Barrett took a restraining order out on her. Rainer sees Paige's headshot and is intrigued. Nina dismisses the idea that they'll choose an unknown actress. After Rainer leaves, Nina calls Barrett and agrees to get him the promotion he wants if he leaves Rainer out of it, feeding him information about "that slut" Tangey who cheated on her son with Jordan.

Rainer has a stale audition with Dakota. Paige arrives next and Rainer is totally charmed by her and her nervous babbling. He calms her nerves. Paige gives an intense, perfect audition, complete with a mini makeout session, and the chemistry between Paige and Rainer is palpable. Paige leaves awkwardly as everyone is stunned and wonders who she is. The assistant runs after her and brings her back to read with another actor.

At a bar, Alexis sends Dakota a drink. Dakota angrily dumps it out in front of her.

At the audition, Paige auditions with Jordan. They also have intense chemistry. She leaves and the group wonders whether they've found their August. Afterwards, Rainer invites her out for coffee. Cassie has to break the news to Jake that Paige is missing his play (which Cassie stars in) because she's getting coffee with Rainer. After the play, an agent's assistant approaches Jake and gives him his card, asking Jake to send him a screenplay.

Paige arrives after the play, and just as Jake is asking her about that drink, Rainer calls to tell her she's got the part in the movie. Rainer offers to send a car to bring her out to celebrate. Paige turns him down, saying she has plans to celebrate her friends' first play, but Jake agrees to go out and party with them.

At Alexis' apartment, Dakota is waiting there. Alexis apologizes for having had sex with Jordan. It's revealed that Alexis and Dakota are together, romantically, in secret.

Jordan arrives at Nina's house. It's revealed that they're also together, romantically, in secret. They have sex.

Jake, Cassie, and Paige pull up to where the Locked party is and are confronted by tons of paparazzi wondering who they are. Jake takes Paige's hand as they walk inside.

Famous In Love
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Famous In Love Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

Nina: Does she need to sign a confidentiality agreement?
Rainer: Took care of that last night.

Cassie: Locked is the biggest book series since Harry Potter!
Paige: That's exactly why 10,000 girls are auditioning.