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Cassie and Paige discuss Paige's nervousness heading into her first day on set. Jake is still in the desert working on his script. The Gold Brothers send Paige a swag bag with a very expensive gold and diamond bracelet in it. She gives it to Cassie, thanking her for making it all happen. After Paige leaves, Cassie goes through the mail and finds a final notice tuition bill.

Jordan picks Rainer up at his house for their first day of the movie. Rainer tells him that they're all cool after the Tangey thing and that he trusts Jordan. Jordan gets a text from Nina, who is out of town.

Paige arrives on set. PA Adam shows her around. She gets nervous when she hears how much money it all costs and how many people's jobs depend on her performance. She calls Cassie, who reassures her as she's heading into her topless maid gig.

Jordan visits Tangey in the recording studio where she's recording the song "Heart Eyes." She confesses her feelings for him and how glad she is that they'll be seeing more of each other on set. Jordan shuts her down, telling her that he and Rainer have just made up. Tangey is crushed.

Rainer gives Paige a "P" necklace for her first day on set gift and asks her out. Paige refuses to accept it and turns him down. Running off to the set when Adam summons her. Paige finds out that Alexis is out with a sinus infection and they switched around the scenes that they're doing. She flubs the lines, and Wyatt bitches her out about not being prepared.

Cassie works on a new client's house, who was referred by Brody. He is really creepy and asks her to wear a maid's outfit.

Tangy and her mom have a confrontation when Tangy suggests that she wants to work on new music and switch up her style. Ida shuts down that idea and reminds her to stay away from Jordan.

Rainer runs into Tangey on set. He apologizes to her and tells her that he hopes they can be friends. Tangey turns him down, telling him that as long as he and Jordan are friends, Jordan thinks the two of them can't be together. Rainer is surprised.

Cassie accidentally knocks over a glass of water in her client's house. He takes her pants off and tries to offer her $200 to have sex with him. Cassie tricks him into going outside naked and locks him out.

Tangey and Jordan talk on set. Jordan encourages her to do what she wants and not listen to her mom, making her own new music and assuring her that her fans will love it.

Paige prepares for her next scene, inadvertently pissing off Wyatt when she sees that Alexis isn't sick but is with Jake in Palm Springs and announces it (because Wyatt has a thing for Alexis). Paige does poorly again when she needs to perform with a broom standing in for a CGI actor. Wyatt freaks out at her again and tells her not to show up tomorrow if she doesn't show up ready to give the performance of a lifetime.

Jordan counsels Rainer not to use his typical moves on Paige. He also suggests that Rainer tries to get to know her first before trying to date her.

Paige has a call with Nina, who also yells at her about her poor performance and making the movie go $25,000 over budget and then hangs up on her.

Rainer tells Jordan on set that he's cool with him and tangey being together. Cassie arrives on set and flirts with Set PA Adam a little bit. Cassie freaks out about how nice Paige's trailer is and reveals that Alexis has been tweeting about her Palm Springs trip. Paige can't figure out whether she's jealous because she has feelings for Jake. Cassie gets a text about her tuition being due tomorrow or her course load will be dropped. She makes an excuse to Paige and runs off.

Tangey rehearses for her Conan performance. Her mom arrives late and demands that she and the dancers rehearse it again, from the top, despite Tangey's protestations.

Rainer talks to Paige on set to apologize for inadvertently using one of his moves on her. He asks for another chance. Paige tells her that nothing can happen until after the movie is wrapped, because she wants to focus on making the best movie they can. They agree to a fresh start.

Cassie goes to a pawn shop where she is a regular, selling off all of her dead mom's things. She begrudgingly pawns the bracelet that Paige gave her.

On Conan, Tangey surprises everyone by singing an original country song. It gets a great reception, but her mom freaks out and gets mad at her for disobeying. Tangey ends up firing her mother after her mom says there's never been a successful black female country artist and that this experiment can ruin her career.

Cassie engages in a Twitter war with Alexis, telling Paige about it while Paige is trying to concentrate on the script, about to head into a big emotional scene with Rainer. Alexis tweets another photo of her and Jake, riling Paige up.

Jordan watches Tangey's performance and is moved. He moves to text her about it and tell her he feels the same way, but is interrupted by a knock and goes to see if it is Nina.

Cassie visits the set to watch Paige's big scene with Rainer. Paige and Rainer nail the scene and kiss passionately, in character. They keep kissing for just a few moments too long. Wyatt is glad that "the girl from the audition" finally showed up on set.

Back in Paige's trailer, Cassie teases Paige about her obvious chemistry with Rainer and suggests she follow this thing with him and forget about Jake. Paige notices that Cassie doesn't have the bracelet. Cassie lies and says she took it to the jeweler to get it resized.

While Paige is leaving set, Rainer runs up to her and tries to convince her to get a drink with him. He insists that she must have felt the chemistry too, but she insists that she was just acting. But she walks away from him with a small smile.

Famous In Love
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Famous In Love Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Jordan: You running that game already?
Rainer: It's not like that. I really like her. She's special.

Paige: Is that...?
Cassie: The three diamond bracelet Beyonce gave Solange after the elevator incident. Casual yes.