Paige's Birthday - Famous In Love
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Paige is bummed that she needs to rehearse and work on a paper on her birthday and that Jake (who has returned from Palm Springs) is still upset with her. She stays up all day and night working on her paper, which was late, only for the professor to refuse to accept the late paper at all.

That night, Cassie accompanies her to Rainer's house for rehearsal. But it turns out that Rainer had planned a surprise party for Paige, impressing her. She and Cassie have a great time, and Cassie ends up hooking up with Adam the set PA on Locked. Jake briefly shows up, unseen, but leaves when he sees Paige and Rainer looking at one another all starry-eyed as everyone sings Happy Birthday to Paige.

The next morning, Paige wakes up in Rainer's bed, but he slept on the couch. He tells her that she makes him want to change. They go to breakfast together.

Meanwhile, Jordan and Tangey grow closer. Tangey is in a tough spot when her mother (who controls her finances) cuts off her money, only releasing it when Tangey agrees to un-fire her. Jordan convinces her to let him financially assist her, so that she can fight Ida in court for the money and rebuild the career she wants to have.

Jordan, who is interested in making things work with Tangey, eventually breaks up with Nina. Nina is clearly upset at this. As it turns out, she hired a photographer to take photos of Jordan and Tangey making out. She is perturbed when she sees them and when she overhears Tangey talking about how strongly she and Jordan feel for one another.

Nina pretends to take the breakup well to Jordan's face, but later approaches Ida and reveals that Jordan's mother is actually alive -- his entire career was based on the idea that he was an orphan. Ida goes to see Jordan's mother in jail, wanting to work together to destroy Jordan and break him and Tangey up.

Nina's mother calls and asks when she's going to tell Rainer that his real father is Alan, the new head of the studio and Nina's former boss who has a combative relationship with Nina.

Alexis and Jake also grow closer when she helps him pitch and successfully sell his movie to another studio. The idea is that she will play the lead and Jake will direct his own screenplay, though the studio execs agree to purchase the script without firmly agreeing to either. After Jake leaves Paige's surprise party unseen, he goes to Alexis and they celebrate selling the script. They kiss.

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Famous In Love Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Jake: It's Rainer. He's just trying to get in your pants. That's all.
Paige: Excuse me? Ten minutes ago you were rolling around with Alexis the Blow-up Doll in Palm Springs all weekend. Are you really acting jealous right now?

I've been called a lot of things before, but I think that's the first time somebody's ever called me a real actress.