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Lou arrests Ed, with Peggy trying to stop them and insisting that they cannot prove he did anything wrong. Betsy meets Lou at the police station, where she expresses worry for him. Lou asks Betsy to take Noreen home, which Betsy does, since Noreen is emancipated and her home burnt down with the butcher shop.

An officer takes Charlie out of his jail cell for his one phone call.

Bear talks to mute Otto about his brother Elron, and when they found out he had been killed in war. Bear was 10 when the soldiers in uniform game and gave word that he'd been killed. He remarks that Otto was in Chicago at that time. He recalls a picture of Otto and all the kids at Bear Lake, with everyone in coats except Elron, who was making muscles. He wonders what Elron would have done, since he was the oldest and not Dodd.

Dodd pulls up and walks over to Bear. Simone intercepts Bear, telling him that Charlie is on the phone for him. Bear goes inside to take the call. Dodd lectures Simone about leading a whore's life.

Bear comes outside and attacks Dodd for having sent Charlie. Hanzee holds a gun to Bear to get him to stop. Dodd lectures Bear, saying that Charlie believed it should be a family member who killed Ed and that that was true. Dodd compares Charlie to their grandfather, who came over to America and built an empire. He asks Bear whether he wants the strap or the buckle, since he can't have the men seeing Bear beating him up. Bear accepts the buckle reluctantly but Dodd is stopped by Floyd, who tells him that he'll split the family apart.

Floyd sends the two sons off, telling Bear to get her grandson back and that she'll call up to Winnipeg -- that Charlie can stay there until the hunt for him dies down. She tells Dodd to kill the butcher before the end of the night.

Simone calls Mike Milligan and tells him that the whole family is on their way to Luverne to take care of the situation with Ed. She tells Mike that her father called her a whore and asks him to kill Dodd. He asks if she has any last words for her father when he sees Dodd and SImone tells Mike to tell Dodd "Kiss my grits."

Milligan recites lines from the poem "Jabberwocky," as the Gerhardt men, and he and the remaining Kitchen brother separately go to Luverne to handle the Ed/Charlie situation.

Hank remains behind at Peggy's house and she starts to make him a cup of coffee. He tries to move her magazines but she stops him harshly. She mentions that she has her Life Spring seminar the next day and tries to insist that she is going. Hank tries to explain at the severity of the situation, but Peggy remains obstinate. Hank warns Peggy off making plans, telling her that they'll be testing her car for evidence since they've gotten permission from the new owner Sonny Greer. He tries to press her to come clean now, before he has hard evidence.

Lou questions Ed, but Ed insists that he is the victim. He insists he was only trying to protect his family. Lou suggests that he and Peggy may have started a war up in Fargo by hitting and killing Rye with the car. Ed mentions Noreen's book "The Myth of Sisyphus," reiterating the plot to Lou. He tells Lou that he wants a lawyer and will only speak if a lawyer says it's okay.

One of the deputies goes to retrieve a drunk Karl Weathers where he is hanging out and drinking with Sonny, mentioning that his services are needed at the station. Weathers is the town lawyer and drunkenly follows the man out.

Hank asks Peggy why she didn't take Rye to the hospital or call the cops after she hit him. She insists if it was up to her, she would have no issue running. She mentions that this is Ed's house, where he grew up with his parents, and that she's living in a museum of the past. They hear cars pull up and Hank goes to take a look. Peggy tries to come outside, but Hank tells her to go back inside and into a hiding place and not come out no matter what she hears happen.

Dodd confronts Hank, asking where Ed is. Hank tells Dodd that Ed was carted off to the precinct earlier but Dodd doesn't quite believe him. Meanwhile, Hanzee sneaks into the house to look around for Ed. Dodd whistles and more Gerhardt men come out of their cars with weapons and join him. As Hank unholsters his gun and prepares for a shoot out, Hanzee sneaks up behind him and knocks him out by hitting him with the gun.

Dodd tells Hanzee to take two of the men and go down to the precinct while he cleans up at the house. Dodd checks the basement, seeing stacks upon stacks of magazines everywhere. He hears one of his men get knocked out. He is startled and accidentally shoots another one of his men. Peggy sneaks up on Dodd and manages to electrecute him with his own cattle prod repeatedly, knocking him out.

Back at the Gerhardt farm, Floyd feeds Otto soup and talks to Simone about the importance of her being a leader, and that in these difficult times, there are no defined gender roles. She also asks Simone if she is with the family, saying she doesn't get to pick and choose. As Floyd is talking, they hear men drive up. Mike Milligan, the Kitchen brother, and more Kansas City men shoot the guards and begin shooting at the house. Floyd and Simone narrowly dodge the bullets as the men advance.

Karl Weathers arrives at the police station, driven by Sonny and still drunk, waxing philosophical and lecturing the police. He only counsels Ed for four minutes, confusing the man by telling him to shake his head no for yes because the law enforcement is listening in. He goes to leave and encounters the Gerhardt men led by Bear surrounding the place with guns. He runs back inside and pulls a bench in front of the door, collapsing on it and announcing that the jackboots have arrived.

Lou snaps into action, telling the deputies to lock the back doors, pull down all the shades, and to call to headquarters for backup. He goes outside to talk to Bear. Hanzee sneaks around the side and tries to line up a shot at Ed through the window, but is unable to take the shot before the deputies draws the blinds.

Lou remarks that he met Bear on the Gerhardt compound earlier. Bear tells Lou he has five minutes to release Charlie. Lou tries to reason with Bear, explaining that his men have Charlie on attempted murder charges. Lou goes back inside and gives further instructions to the deputy to barricade and secure the building. He tells Karl that he needs someone to talk some sense into Bear, and says that Karl, acting as Charlie's lawyer, would be the best person to do that. 

Lou goes to retrieve Ed to escort him out of the station, explaining to a startled Ed that there is a mob of men outside looking to string him up. Karl goes to speak with Charlie.

Hank comes to on the porch and hears his radio going off. The female deputy tells him that Lou told Hank not to do anything heroic. Hank says that he can't let Lou die alone because he'll never hear the end of it at dinner. He gets in his car and drives off.

Karl goes outside and is held at gunpoint by the Gerhardt men. He tries to talk to Bear down, telling him that he is Charlie's lawyer. Bear insists Charlie doesn't need a lawyer. As Karl is distracting the men, Lou and Ed sneak out by jumping down out of a window.

Karl continues to talk Bear down, saying he spoke to law enforcement and that Bear's behavior is only making things worse for his son. He tells Bear that even if they convict Charlie, it would only be on attempted murder and the boy is only 17, so he would be out in as little as five years. Karl tells Bear that he and his men leaving right away is the best thing for Charlie.

Lou and Ed walk through the woods to escape. Ed says that he needs to find Peggy. They encounter Hank driving up along the road. As Lou remarks on Hank's headwound, Ed takes the opportunity to escape. Lou begins to give chase but Hank tells him not to bother because they know exactly where Ed is going (home, to find Peggy). He suggests Lou drive because he is seeing double.

As they drive off, Hanzee emerges from the woods and walks off in the direction that Ed took off in.

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Fargo Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

You're a little touched, aren't ya?

Hank [to Peggy]

No! None of your bullshit, not today. You'll kill us all, you'll split this family apart.

Floyd [to Dodd]