The jackboots are upon us.


But now, now I must bid you all adieu, admonish you to watch your proverbial butts, for I shall be back with the sledgehammer of justice, prepared to lay Joseph waste on these four walls! If you so much as touch a hair on my client's--


Out of my way, tool of the state! For I am come to comfort and counsel my client, even as you seek to prison him.


Karl: I am sound in mind and body and ready to run circles around the inferior minds of the Rock County Sheriff's department.
Sonny: Lou's a state cop, Karl.
Karl: Shut up, Sonny. I will need you to drive, however.

Mike: Okay, baby. Any last message for your dad when I see him?
Simone: Yeah. Tell him... "Kiss my grits."

Dodd: Some career advice: A whore's life is five good years, five bad years, and then some half-dick sweat stain grinds you out like a cigarette. Like a goddamn spent cigarette.

We all got a role to play. You need to take my example. Be a leader. This is our time. No such thing as men's work, women's work anymore. We got just as much right to--


Dodd: Or maybe he's in the house and you think I'm stupid.
Hank: Son, I could fill out a steamer trunk with the amount of stupid I think you are but no, that's where he went.

You ask me how come I buy all these magazines? It's because I'm living in a museum of the past.


Great Caesar's ghost!

Karl Weathers

This kind of thing didn't work in Westerns and it's not gonna work tonight.


Life's a journey, and the one thing you don't do on a journey is stay in one place, right?


Fargo Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

You're a little touched, aren't ya?

Hank [to Peggy]

No! None of your bullshit, not today. You'll kill us all, you'll split this family apart.

Floyd [to Dodd]