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Paris. A dude named Davis is kind of rude, but not rude enough to get his jugular vein punctured.

Forrester wakes up and does pullups while recalling what went down with his mother last season.

He's taking Tank for a walk when something big goes down for a fellow who was following him. Could have been bad news, but the Russians got the guy first.

Megan Gerritson, aka Smitty, is the new Europol liaison. She's worked with Forrester in the past.

Brandon Davis was a cop who was investigating an American weapons company out of Deleware.

It was an arms dealer between the US, Paris, and the Middle East trafficking weapons that are pretty much banned elsewhere.

Apparently Smitty is their kind of agent. Gets the job done and can drink you under the table.

A girl with a lot of eyebrow going on is questioned about Davis. She talks about the pigs from all around the world that her both Keith had her working with. She wanted out.

Keith didn't take that well.

Red Grave hires eye candy to help facilitate deals. Both Kellett and Forrester think the gal, who had her bags packed, looked genuinely scared.

Vo and Raines are looking into the Red Grave office when they hear a noise. It's a cell phone in the microwave.

They left the router behind, but while Raines is talking about it, Vo hears a noise. It's the dude who killed Davis. Guess that's Shamique?

He got into a car with diplomatic plates. There is a lot of info on the router.

Kellett and Smitty visit Davis's apartment, and Smitty talks about what she learned from Scott.

Smitty went to Manchester to study criminology.

Plutonium fuel rods are beging hijacked for nefarious purposes.

They're barely on the way when they're waylaid by a roadside incursion for those rods. Fire and gunfire make the place pretty much impassable.

Don Panzarasa is a diplomat in West Africa. He's American and pretty much as a free pass thanks to Dondi's fraudulent diplomatic passports.

They head to Dondi's embassy to drag the lead through the mud while Raines goes through his office. Kellett is reading him the riot act about how the misleading documents make a mockery of the diplomatic process.

Vo is the guy's computer relinquishing his diplomatic status if cash isn't paid. Good trap.

They get away free.

They're buzzed elsewhere. The hijackers didn't secure the radioactive material and are laying dead in a field.

Panzarasa replied and the team is in motion.

Of course, they wind up on the roof, where Panzarasa belts Forrester with a pipe. Ouch!

Questioning him doesn't elicit much, but Forrester wonders if he took the case from them because if so... and they share photos.

Panzarasa wants immunity to tell him where the rods are heading. The team is divided, but Smitty has an idea. She offers to take extradition off the table. He could stay in a cushy federal prison in France vs the horrors of a super max in the US.

Kellett is super impressed with how badass Smitty is. They get a name. Omar Fane. A Dondi terrorist.

Omar Fane isn't smuggling a bomb back home. Per his manifesto, he's pissed at France for several reasons and will drop it in Paris.

A little kid knows the dude and says he brought him chocolates. They find the chocolates stand and a hulking man with a briefcase. With people all around and no time for snipers, they have to separate him from the bomb.

Omar looks pretty wrecked. He's miserable and in poor health which helps Forrester score the bomb. Crisis averted.

Nobody on the team was contaminated, and the team gets a big thank you from the DGSI in France. They've made another friend.

Forrester offers Raines a management course in the fall. He's cleared Raines' schedule so he can attend, but Raines turns it down. But what he's learned from Forrester and Kellett has meant a lot. He wants to be a field agent, takin' down the bad guys.

Forrester is feeling pretty good about things with his mother now that he knows she's a hero and not a zero. And he's ready to talk about her reaching out again once he has a beer in front of him.

FBI: International
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FBI: International Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

Forrester: OK. So now, Panzarasa has radioactive material that could explode in a dirty bomb in any city in the world.
Raines: A few sticks of dynamite in a briefcase. Boom. Can make a city unliveable for nearly the next half-century.

Kellett: Well, what I want to know is how do you get the name Smitty out of Megan Garretson?
Forrester: That's a question I asked her myself.
Kellett: And?
Forrester: She said something about a need-to-know basis, and it never got beyond that.