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Maggie and OA are close to being in over their heads when a human trafficker pops up on their radar. Not only has Snake killed at least eighteen women, but it looks like he is planning on killing a lot more soon unless Maggie and OA can stop him. But it doesn't seem like something they can do alone as the whole team is forced to break out their A-games to put a stop to Snake. The case gets personal for everyone, especially OA. He has three sisters and a mom he is extremely close to, so cases like this one seem to be the ones that hit close to home for OA. Jubal gets to go undercover for what seems like the first time since his days on vice thanks to Dana refusing to let OA be the one to act the part of the john. While OA doesn't seem to agree at first, he is able to see why Dana made the decision and gets a better understanding of why she is the agent in charge. Maggie also seems to take the case extra personally and it could be due to the loss of her family or something else that may have happened to her in the past. Only time will tell!

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FBI Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Kristen: The just for johns personal site is no longer offering incall services, only outcall.
OA: Right. Because they don't have the townhouses anymore, so they're offering the girls to the customers.
Dana: What are you proposing?
OA: We set up a date. By then, we'll have the warrants.
Jubal: We take down whoever is delivering the girls at the same time as we raid the townhouses.
Dana: A sting. I like that.

Kristen: Every digital photo contains metadata. The specific settings of the device taking the photo.
Maggie: So, it's like a fingerprint for cameras?
Kristen: Exactly. So, I ran facial recognition against old escort personal ads in the just for johns site. Found one with a photo of Hayley. And created an algorithm to search for any photos with the same fingerprint as Hayley's.
Maggie: So you have the camera's fingerprints?
Kristen: Well, could be a cell phone. I found nine photos of girls so far. Then, I ran facial recognition against all inbound Ukranian visas and voila! Nine of the advertised women match with nine Ukranian visas.
OA: That's a before and after a guy with three sisters doesn't need to see.
Kristen: Nine names for nine of our victims.
Jubal: Nice work.