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When OA and Maggie were handed the case of a shooter on the loose, they didn't expect an open and shut case. They are a duo that always seems prepared for anything. But they couldn't have been prepared for two shooters to be seeking out a vendetta because they feel that God has let them down. Without Dana, the team wouldn't have had such a leg up in the situation and understand that only one of the shooters was the leader and Kofi was following because of his affections for Cole. But nothing was cut and dry as Maggie was forced to confront the feelings she had when she lost her husband when trying to talk Cole down. Meanwhile, OA was dealing with a promise he made to Kofi that he wasn't able to deliver on, which brought on his own feelings about God. Which means OA gave an inside look into how he was raised and the way he feels about religion. While Jubal and Kristen didn't get to participate in this case as much as they usually do, they still brought their unique talents to the table and proved themselves as irreplaceable. Without even just one member of this team, the entire thing would fall apart. 

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FBI Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Maggie: Three bullets, three kills.
OA: All headshots on moving targets. Our shooter is damn good at what he does.

Maggie: I would say he is better than damn good. Maybe a competitive shooter? Or a hunter? Maybe military?
OA: I'm going with door number three.
Maggie: Why?
OA: A hunter doesn't go for the head. I don't see any shell casings. A competitive shooter would've left his brass for someone else to clean up.
Maggie: Well, that leaves military then.
OA: These buildings. It's a fishbowl. No way he would have camped out here in the open. He needs cover.