Maggie Calls Remy - FBI
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Nina passes out on the way to the hospital. Jubal stays at the hospital to wait for news while sending Forrester back to the scene to search for clues. Kellett finds a piece of paper with a tail number on it. Granno and the Italian police show up after the fact. Isobel orders Jubal back to New York, leaving Forrester to watch over Nina. Isobel also wants to hold off on telling Scola about Nina. She does update Scola on all the other developments in Rome. Nico, Scola's contact, is stonewalling him. So Maggie suggests reaching out to Remy Scott, who will work his Russian contacts. Scola keeps asking about Nina. Nina starts crashing and goes back into surgery. Remy's contact Theo comes up with the name Andre Chernin. Theo gets Scola a meeting with Andre, which goes badly. Nico lets slip that an FBI agent had been shot in Rome. Tiffany sends Andre's carjacked vehicle rolling. OA extracts him before it explodes. Ellis, a CIA officer, takes Andre for interrogation and torture, shutting out Jubal. While Ellis and Jubal argue, Andre gets loose and kills himself. Scola finds out about Nina getting shot from Forrester. A woman, HR executive Allison Green, is abducted by Lenkov's mercs. Remy's squad is assigned to find her. Nico was driving the car for the abductors. The Belarusians are holed up in the penthouse of the building where Nico works. A shootout ensues. Most of Lenkov's thugs go down with Tiffany recovering a laptop. OA pursues Lenkov, but Lenkov escapes after firing at OA and leaping into a black van. Remy interprets a notebook that Tiffany found. Lenkov's target is the President, in town for a speech at the United Nations.

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FBI Season 5 Episode 17 Quotes

Forrester: What the hell are you doing?
Granno: That is my question for you.

It's not your fault. It's not your fault.

Forrester [to Vo]