Tracking Suspect - FBI Season 6 Episode 5
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Matthew Sawyer, who runs a Brooklyn migrant center, is hassled by a newsporter reporter.

Then he gets abducted by a masked man.

Maggie talks to Jessica about motherhood.

Cara Stanfield, the center's assistant director, witnessed the abduction.

James Dunn threatened to burn down the center.

Dunn runs from Scola and Tiffany.

They capture him and arrest him for being a felon in possession of a firearm.

Dunn says his girlfriend was robbed and shot dead by illegals a couple of months ago. But he has an alibi, as he was pumping gas when the abduction went down.

The kidnapper took Sawyer back to his own house.

When the team pulls up, the kidnapper starts shooting and threatens to kill Sawyer and his wife.

He had cut the lines of communications. So Maggie positions a videophone outside the front door. He sends out the pregnant Mrs. Sawyer to get it.

The kidnapper's daughter, Maria Ramiirez, disappeared from Sawyer's center. He is Hector Ramirez, an ex-cop.

He's giving them three hours to find Maria or he'll shoot Sawyer in the head.

Hector refuses to let the Sawyers go until he gets Maria back.

Scola and Tiffany question Maria's friend Emma.

Emma said Sawyer had given things to Maria and she left with him.

Surveillance from a bakery proves Maria was with a man who resembles Sawyer.

Mrs. Sawyer is being treated for extremely high blood pressure.

Jared Gamble, who works for a linen supply company, is the suspect.

Scola finds Maria's locket at Gamble's apartment.

Hector agrees to meet Maggie at the front door. He uses Mrs. Sawyer to open the door.

Maggie shows him the photo of Gamble with Maria and then her locket.

Maggie offers herself as insurance. She goes in but he won't release the Sawyers.

After tying Maggie's hands and taking off her vest, Hector releases Mrs. Sawyer.

Maggie convinces him to release Sawyer as well.

Hector is giving them 30 minutes to find Maria or he'll kill Maggie.

Maggie won't authorize the sniper to take the shot at Hector.

Isobel wants to have the tactical team breach.

Kelly pings Gamble's burner phone.

Scola cuts off Gamble's car and runs. Maria isn't in the car.

Scola ends up shooting Gamble when he won't put down his gun.

Maggie uses a bobbypin to get loose, allowing OA to lead an assault into the house.

Tiffany finds Maria alive and has her call Hector.

The hospital confirmed there was no signs of sexual abuse on Maria.

Hector has a brother in California who could take Maria.

Maggie talks to Jessica about what she was feeling during the standoff.











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FBI Season 6 Episode 5 Quotes

OA: Someone's harassing you guys?
Cara: Yeah. Some local nutjob. Claims we're contributing to the downfall of the country. Threatened to burn the place down if we didn't send these migrants back to where they came from.

OA: So it's politics over safety.
Detective: Of course it is. His numbers are in the toilet.