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On this episode of Fear the Walking Dead…

As the riots in downtown L.A. escalate, Travis, Chris, Liza and the Salazars leave the barbershop.

Mama Salazar is injured in the escape, but they manage to leave downtown and head back to Travis’ house.

Madison, Nick and Alicia play Monopoly to bide their time.

A bloody dog interrupts their hangout, and the trio head next door to retrieve a shotgun.

The two families encounter their neighbor, now a zombie. Daniel shoots it in the head.

The group prepares to leave the next day, but the Salazars choose to stay.

Travis and his family learn that another neighbor has been turned.

Travis and his family leave the next day, but Madison turns around to warn an unsuspecting neighbor of what happened to his wife.

The military shows up and shoots the wife. They start marking the homes and clearing away the bodies.

Travis and his family stay at their home as do the Salazars.

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Fear the Walking Dead Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

It's gonna get better now.


The more the boy knows, the safer he’ll be.