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After escaping the fire, a wounded Daniel Salazar is seen walking in the Mexico heat, searching for water and refuge, but to no avail.

Daniel suddenyl encounters a horde of infected passing by. He attempts to lay low until they pass, however one of the infect sense Daniel and goes after him. Daniel barely escapes by diving under a truck, draws the infected away.

Daniel is awoken by a scavenger named Efrain, who helps get Daniel to safety. Efrain leads Daniel to a hidden location that has a water fountain that turns on every Tuesday at 5 o'clock. Daniel is able to drink, and Efrain fills up a jug.

Efrain and Daniel meet up with more of the formers group and Daniel passes out from exaustion.

Daniel is brought to a woman named Lola, who treats his wounds nurses him back to health.

Sometime later, Daniel is out scavenging alongside Efrain. Later that evening, Efrain implies that Daniel is running from something and that he will soon leave. Daniel admits that he has done terrible things and must pay his debts.

When Efrain falls asleep, Daniel leaves during a storm and is attacked by two infected. He is able to take out one of them, but the second proves to be too much for Daniel, who is still in a weakened state.

As Daniel prays for help, the infected is suddenly struck in the head by lightening, effectively killing it.

The following day at the dam, two workers are seen pulling bodies out of the sewers, one of which is Daniel, who jumps up and startles them.

The men take Daniel to see Lola, the woman who helped him earlier, who also happens to be the head of water treatment control at the dam. In order to avoid arousing suspicion that they know each other, Lola sets Daniel up with a job within the compound to help remove bodies from the sewer drain.

At lunch, Daniel doesn't stand up along with everyone else as Dante enters, which causes one of his men to reprimand Daniel. Daniel attacks him and Dante asks for his name. When Daniel tells him who he is and where he is from, Dante recognizes who he is and that he can be a vital asset to him.

Dante offers Daniel a promotion within the community to help Dante, to which Daniel hesitantly accepts.

Later on, Daniel heads out with some of Dante's men in search of an individual who is stealing their water, who turns out to be Efrain from earlier. Daniel and the men are lead to the same water fountain as earlier, however there is no water yet, Daniel notices that the clock is about to reach 5pm, which will alert Dante's men to the water source.

Daniel reluctantly gives up Efrain in order to preserve the water source to the rest of Lola's people, much to her chagrin.

Later, Daniel finds a detained Strand in a cell and offers him water.

Daniel asks him if Ofelia is alive, to which Strand confirms. Strand then offers to take him to her if Daniel helps break him out. However, Daniel catches Strand in a lie about Ofelia's whereabouts and tells him that he will rot in the cell.

Dante brings Daniel in to torture Efrain while Lola is present as well, in hopes that he will reveal where the water supply is. Daniel severely beats Efrain, but Lola runs to his aid, revealing to Dante that she is a traitor.

Efrain, Lola and Strand are taken to the ledge above the dam. Dante orders Daniel to throw them off, but Daniel suddenly turns on Dante and his men, and kills them.

Daniel kneels down in front of Lola and asks for forgiveness.



Fear the Walking Dead
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Fear the Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 4 Quotes

I'm not a good man. I've done terrible things. I'm afraid it's time...to pay my debts.


Lola: So, you're a Bronco fan, huh?
Daniel: I detest them!