Welcome to the ranch - Fear the Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 2
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While flying, gunfire is opened on the helicopter. Travis is hit in the neck with a stray bullet, and feeling that he will not survive and in order to avoid turning on the rest of the people in helicopter, opens the door leaps to his death.

Due to a malfunction from the gunfire, the chopper makes an emergency landing.

Troy arrives at a fortified ranch with Madison and Travis, telling them to wait outside as the gates close. Madison subtly informs Nick that she has a gun on her that she stole from the truck. They are eventually greeted and let in by the proprietor of the ranch and true leader of the group, Russell, who is also Troy and Jake's father.

After camping out for the night, Alycia and Jake bring Luciana to the ranch, where Alycia tells Madison that Travis didn't make it, as Madison breaks down.

Nick insists that they bring Luciana into the ranch to be cared for, but the idea is quickly shot down by Troy who states that Luciana is too far gone and will likely die, so they cannot risk her turning while inside their ranch.

Troy intends to shoot Luciana in he head, but Nick offers to do it. Troy gives Nick his gun, and after some hesitation turns the gun on Troy.

Russell is able to talk Nick down and promises that as long as Luciana has a pulse, they will let her in. Nick complies.

Later that day, Madison grieves alone by a tree. She is approached by Russel, who shares his condolences on the loss of her husband. He then gives Madison a ledger to sign out the gun that he knows she took from the truck, letting her hold onto it.

Later that day as Luciana recovers in the infirmary, Madison privately tells Alycia and Nick that they will make the ranch their new home and if anyone tries to change that, they will take it over.

At the Rosarito hotel, Strand is passing himself off as a doctor in order to bide his time and try and help more refugees as they approach the hotel gates.

He is eventually asked to leave by Elana, stating that if anyone finds out that Strand is not a real doctor, it will cause sever problems. She also will not allow him to leave with any of their vehicles. Before he leaves, Hector asks Strand to do one last thing. Strand is asked to help Eileen, the mother of the bride Jessica from last season, who has been starving herself out of depression.

Strand pries open the stuck terrace door to get air into the room, which Eileen is thankful for. She proceeds to tell Strand that there is no hope left in the world, but Strand disagrees. He tells her that he helped deliver a baby moments earlier, and where there is life, there is hope.

Eileen apologizes for accidentally stabbing him and gives him a present that was meant to be a wedding gift. While Strand is admiring the gift, Eileen proceeds to jump off the balcony to her death.

Strand later leaves the hotel, using the "gift" Eileen gave him, which was a key to a new car Eileen intended to give her daughter.


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Fear the Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 2 Quotes

Strand: Thank you Eileen.
Eileen: No, thank you. You freed my little girl.

I delivered a baby. It was truly terrifying. Yeah, holding that baby I felt, if this child lives, it'd be a new generation. A new generation; and that might give us a reason to hope.