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Travis, Madison and Alycia are taken by the militia to their compound.

Madison and Alycia are put in an office, while Travis is sent down to the basement for "processing" where he finds Nick with Luciana, who is seriously injured from her gun shot wound.

In the office, Madison and Alycia are greeted by Troy, one of the leaders of the group that captured them. He attempts to put their nerves at ease, but Madison sees that Troy has ulterior motives and plans an escape with Alycia.

In the basement, the men guarding Travis and Nick are seen executing other prisoners and proceed to take bets on how long it will take for each individual to reanimate.

Travis meets another prisoner nameds Steven, who implores Travis' help in enacting a plan he has to escape through the sewer system. Travis successfully goads Troy's men into convincing them to execute himself next. This provides enough distraction for Travis, Nick, Steven and a reanimating infected to overwhelm them, but not before they get a few shots off.

The gunfire alerts Troy who rushes out of the office, locking Madison and Alycia inside.

Travis, Nick, Luciana , Alycia and Steven make their way outside and follow Steven to the sewer hatch. Travis opts to stay behind in order to give Nick a chance at escaping. Luciana and Nick are successful in climbing down into the sewer, but Steven is shot by Troy's men and his throat is then slit and his body tossed into the sewer as well, in order to reanimate and chase down the escapees.

Nick follows the pipe line to the exit, but when he pushes down the wall and emerges, there is a horde of infected waiting for him. Nick retreats but is attacked by a reanimated Steven, he attacks Nick, but Alycia arrives and is able to help Nick kill Steven with her knife, and get them to safety.

Travis is caught and Troy orders his men to throw him into a gladiator style pit where he must fend off multiple infected for their enjoyment. Travis is able to kill some of them, but eventually more get released.

When Troy returns to the office with Madison and Alycia seemingly gone, Madison and Alycia attack Troy. Troy fights them off but Madison gets the upper hand when she puts him into a choke hold and jambs a spoon into Troy's eye.

While holding Troy hostage, Madison makes her way outside and across the compound while being surrounded by militia, as she demands to see her family. She is eventually talked down by Jake, Troy's brother, who doesn't want to hurt Madison or her family and promises to take her to them if she complies.

Travis is rescued from the pit when Jake arrives with Madison and Alycia. Nick is also reunited with his mother and sister.

Jake apologizes for Troy's actions and they others who took part in his demented games and makes it a point to let Madison know they are not like that and offer to help them.

In the basement, one of Troy's men is pulled through the wall and killed by the infected that were chasing Nick in the sewer, who have found their way inside the compound.

As the infected pour in, everyone is forced to leave the compound, while the Clark family is once again separated. Travis, Alicia and Luciana leave with Jake in a helicopter, and Madison and Nick leave with Troy in a truck.

They all look back as the compound is now overrun with infected.


Fear the Walking Dead
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Fear the Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 1 Quotes

Troy: I'm not a bad person.
Madison: No one said you were.
Troy: Some have.

Troy [referring to Travis]: Do you love his live more than yours?
Madison: Yes.