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June continues to try and reach Quinn over the radio. However, she only hears walker groans, learning that Quinn has turned. The Filthy Woman responds claiming to know a lot about Morgan and warns for him to stop leaving the boxes of supplies on the road, but Morgan refuses.

Elsewhere, Luciana continues her search for Charlie and encounters a man named Clayton pinned inside of a car. She attempts to help him, but the man's injuries are fatal. Clayton accepts his death but wishes that he had one more beer. Luciana promises to find one for him.

After scavenging the town, Luciana's efforts seem futile, until she comes across one of the supply boxes that Morgan left which contains one of Jim's beers. Luciana returns to a grateful Clayton, who reveals that he is the driver whose truck Sarah and Wendell stole. Before he dies, he gives Luciana his journals that contain all of the locations he's visited and his experiences, hoping they will prove useful to her.

Luciana radios to the channel written on the supply box thanking them, finding that it's Morgan on the other end and meets back up with him and the others.

Strand and John have found themselves on an island after the hurricane flooded the roads. John attempts to build a raft but his plan is foiled by a hungry crocodile prowling the lake. Strand does not help as he feels there is nothing to go back to. John explores the island and finds a truck stuck on a hill with a walker inside and seeks Strand's help, hoping to use it as a distraction for the crocodile. Strand climbs onto the truck but notices a bottle of liquor inside. When he tries to reach for it, the walker grabs his hand.

The struggle causes the truck to roll down the hill and is destroyed. John is able to salvage parts of the wreckage to build a new, sturdier raft and convinces Strand to come back with him. John uses the car horn to lure walkers into the lake as a distraction for the gator so that the two can make it across. However, the battery and horn die and the gator turns his attention to the raft. The two barely escape back to land.

Charlie and Alicia find one of the supply boxes. Charlie calls the channel and both are surprised to find Morgan on the other end. Morgan tells them that they will pick them up, but suddenly, the Filthy Woman appears behind the truck in Al's van and begins to open fire on the group.

Fear the Walking Dead
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Fear the Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 13 Quotes

Sarah: 10-4, Mo Mo.
Morgan: Please don't call me that.

If you don't believe things get better, if we don't believe that we can make them that way, if we don't fight for every day, we're no different than the past.