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Alicia continues her mission to find Annie and the teenagers. She succeeds in finding them, but things take a dangerous turn when the walkers arrive at the gate. 

They bust their way in and Alicia tells the kids to craft an exit and make a run for it. Alicia tries to kill all of the walkers, but one of them has radiation poisoning and its blood hits her. 

In the end, she lies to Morgan and says that she's fine. 

Meanwhile, Grace tries to prevent the reactor from melting down again, and uses the generator to do so. 

However, her mission falls apart, and the generator breaks, making the doomsday very likely. 

Morgan finds her house and realizes that she had a family, and sets out to find out more information. 

He saves Charlie and Strand and heads back to get Grace because he feels like she will refuse to accompany him out of the land. 

She ultimately decides to go with him. 

Althea finally tells June the truth about the woman she met, and June tells her to keep it to herself. 

John Dorie finally tells the Dwight the truth about the letter, and Dwight decides to accompany him. 

Fear the Walking Dead
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Fear the Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 7 Quotes

We're going to do what we came her to do.


June: Aren't we standing on a giant gas tank?
Althea: It's not the same, we need aviation fuel ... I think I know where we can get some.