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The group unites to find a everything from the plane. Al starts to put it together, but is shocked when the propeller flies off and nearly kills someone. 

She goes back to the drawing board and worries that they need a propeller. A message is sent to Charlie and Strand who go on the lookout for one. 

In the end, Charlie and Strand boarded a hot air balloon with the propeller and set off to meet them, but it crashed, putting them right into the radioactive hot zone. 

Meanwhile, Grace contacts Morgan and asks for a propeller and he helps her with it to stop the reactor from exploding. 

Alicia is shocked to learn that Annie wants to leave, and tells her that she should give her people a choice. 

However, Annie does a runner with the kids and Alicia ventures into the unknown land that is filled with radiation. 

Morgan is already in the area, worrying about his own safety, and they are all in trouble. 

Fear the Walking Dead
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Fear the Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 6 Quotes

Morgan: Hey Grace, this is Morgan, do you copy? If you're listening, we're working on a way to get home. And, we found some people I think you're going to want to meet. Do you copy? I repeat: Do you copy?

As impossible as all this seems, we can do this.