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With the nuclear bombs off, the characters embark on very different missions, with the eye of getting to safety. 

Rachel tries to fix her car to save herself and her son, but the car breaks her leg. 

In a tragic scene, she attaches her kid to her back, herself to her dog, forces her mouth shut and kills herself. 

Morgan and Grace are preparing to kill themselves because they want to be in control, but they hear a baby crying. 

Believing it to be Athena on the other side, they connect, but they realize it is Rachel's son. 

As the missiles hit, they hide under a truck, but when they emerge, it starts all over again, leaving their fates up in the air. 

Sherry and Dwight realize they've been too hard on one another and go for beer and pretzels as the world ends. 

They arrive at a house and find a family whose shelter has been taken over by doomsayers. Dwight and Sherry set out to save the family, by taking the doomsdayers out. 

They all make it into the shelter. 

Strand arrives at a building, fighting zombies to get to safety. He comes upon a man who asks who he is. 

Strand lies that he's Morgan Jones, but when he survives the blast, he tells the man he's evil and will only continue to be evil in this new world. 

Dakota and Teddy arrive at the place to watch the world end, but John Dorie Sr. and June intercept them. 

They realize that Teddy only wanted Dakota to detonate the other missiles for a second wave of destruction. 

Dakota kills Teddy, but she doesn't want to save herself. June and John enter the bunker but Dakota gets incinerated in the blast. 

Daniel receives a message with coordinates, but he realizes that Rollie is working with the doomsdayers and kills him. 

When the gang arrives at the coordinates, they are left in shock when there is no safe haven there ... until a CRM helicopter appears. 

They are taken to safety and Al speaks through the radio, confirming it was her that set it all up. 


Fear the Walking Dead
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Fear the Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 16 Quotes

Enjoy the view, asshole.


Wes: How's it looking here?
Luciana: The basement is a no go. You find anything?
Rollie: Yeah, a bunker.