A Decision About the Future - Fear the Walking Dead
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Troy and Tracy are leading the herd to PADRE and Tracy starts to ask questions about who she is.

Troy shuts her down and says the only way to secure their safety is to kill Madison and make her pay for everything she's done in the past.

Tracy wonders about the St. Cristopher necklace but Troy tries to put this down to there being so many of them.

Before they get a chance to address the elephant in the room, one of Madison's traps knocks them off the road.

Troy is impaled and Tracy sets off to try to save him, but Madison catches Tracy in the truck and they bicker.

Madison says she'll go find Troy and ties Tracy up, telling Strand where she is.

Madison tracks Troy down and they speak about the past and how they need to wor with each other to survive.

That's put to the test when Crane returns for revenge and calls Madison terrible because PADRE saved her life. As he chases them through the woods, they get to a bridge with a river and quicksand beneath it.

They go over it and Crane cuts the rope down, sending them plunging into the water.

Crane is bitten by a zombie as he watches them and Madison and Troy go under water.

We cut to Madison waking up and learning that Troy saved her, seemingly repairing their relationship.

They all prepare to go and save PADRE ... until Madison stabs Troy and says she's done with second chances. She can't risk letting him into this safe haven so he begins to bleed out.

Everyone is stunned by her decision... until Troy says that Serena wasn't Tracy's mother... Alicia was.


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Fear the Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 11 Quotes

Tracy: Mom. She pulled loose. We need to tighten the ropes.
Troy: Oh, she's fine. She's not gonna hurt us. You know, when we get to PADRE, she's gonna be the one to make Madison pay for everything she's done. What's wrong?
Tracy: Why does Mom have to kill Madison?
Troy: Well, you know why. She's Alicia's mother. She put the thinking in her head that got people killed. We can't let what happened to Mom happen to anyone else.
Tracy: I know all that.
Troy: So, what's wrong?
Tracy: This.
Troy: Your necklace?
Tracy: Victor said it belonged to Alicia. She... She killed Mom. Why would you want me to wear her necklace?
Troy: Do you know how many St. Christopher's medallions there are?
Tracy: But Victor said...
Troy: Well, Victor's mistaken. She gave it to me when she died. And she made me promise that I would give it to you to keep you safe. Which is what I've been doing ever since.

Victor: There was a time you'd have thanked me for such a thing.
Madison: Enough people have died because of me. I can't put the rest of you at risk.
Victor: The rest is not that many, Madison.
Madison: What are you talking about?
Victor: It's just me and our newly found friends of Alicia here. The rest retreated to the island to escape the herd. All of you should do the same.