Searching for Troy - Fear the Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 11
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PADRE is falling apart. Russell is sending the herd in there as retaliation for what happened to Troy.

Everyone is trying to survive.

Madison is going to find Alicia but Tracy shoots her, and we later learn the St. Cristopher necklace prevented the bullet from hurting her.

Madison goes back to PADRE and goes through with a plan to lead the herd inside and blow them up.

Her plan works... and everyone survives... except her ... or so we think.

Madison comes to inside a tent and Tracy tells her that she dragged her out of the wreckage and didn't think she survived.

A woman arrives and Tracy takes aim telling her to get down... but it's ALICIA!

Alicia says she's here to bury her mother but is taken aback when Madison is alive.

Alicia says that she faked her death when she realized Troy was never going to stop sp she changed her name and realized the group would do things better if they thought she was dead.

Madison tells Alicia that her daughter saved her, but Alicia realizes that Troy lied. Alicia knew Serena and told Tracy that her mother was a great person.

Tracy says that Troy understood how well Madison looked after Nick and Alicia despite the world imploding.

Madison doesn't want anyone to know she survived because they've changed PADRE to MADRE because of her apparent sacrifice and believes they will work better doing things in her honor.

Alicia brings back Skidmark and leaves him for Daniel to reunite with, Dwight and Sherry agree to go back to Sanctuary and turn it into a safe haven for everyone.

June says she's going on the road and Dove asks to accompany her and says she wants to study medicine.

June says she's going back to Texas and that it'd be great to have Dove along with her.

Strand prepares to leave with his husband and son but is confused by a flower left for him. He looks in his mirror and sees Madison, Alicia, and Tracy on the side of the road sneaking away.

Madison and Alicia agree to go back to Los Angeles following it being blown up in an attempt to help people. Tracy goes along with them.

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Fear the Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 12 Quotes

Alicia: I'm not here to hurt anyone.
Tracy: Keep your hands up and move slowly towards the tent.
Alicia: You can put the gun down. I'm just here to bury my... Mom?
Madison: Alicia?

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Madison: I just can't believe it's real.
Alicia: It is. I promise you, it is. You okay?
Madison: I will be. What is that?
Alicia: That is a very old friend I came across searching a warehouse for supplies. Trying to return him to his rightful owner.
Madison: How did you find us?
Alicia: A story. About a woman who sacrificed herself here. And the person who told me said her name was Madison. And it didn't make any sense, and I didn't know how you could possibly be alive... but I had to be sure. I saw the fort over there. How are you still here?
Madison: Your daughter. She came back. She saved me.
Alicia: What are you talking about?
Madison: Tracy. She's the child that Troy took from you.
Alicia: I never had a kid.
Tracy: You're not my mom?
Alicia: No, I'm... I'm not, but I knew your mom when you were a baby. Her name was Serena. She was a pretty amazing woman. I don't understand why Troy would lie about something like that.
Tracy: He knew how hard you fought for your own kids. He wanted to give you a reason to fight for me.
Madison: You said you heard a story about me. From who?
Alicia: I've been picking up radio chatter on the road. I think their route runs by here.
Madison: You know I would've come looking for you if I knew you were alive.
Alicia: I would've come looking for you, too. I never would've stopped. After Troy attacked me, after I got back on my feet, I went to find the people I'd been staying with. And I saw something on the road, these women that dressed like me, they used weapons I was using, they were doing the things that I was doing. They were helping people.
Madison: We met some of them.
Alicia: Yeah. It's like the story of what I'd done was doing more good than I could on my own. And so I went somewhere else. I... started using a different name so Troy couldn't find me. If I hadn't have done that, maybe we would've found each other.
Madison: You made the right choice. You gave all those people something to believe in.