Unraveling - Feed the Beast
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The episode opens with a flashback to the night Dion and Rie slept together. Dion tells Rie that he loves her. 

Tommy tells Pilar something happened between him and Dion but refuses to say what. Dion tells his Uncle Stavros about the offer from the Tooth Fairy to work at his new restaurant. Stavros can't believe he'd work with the Tooth Fairy -- until Dion tells him that he slept with Rie, and Tommy knows about it. 

TJ's school calls to tell Tommy that he disappeared from school. Tommy finds TJ sketching at the place where Rie died. Andre comes out of hiding and follows them. 

Detective Giordano shows up at Thirio to convince Dion to help him kill the Tooth Fairy. He tells Dion that the Tooth Fairy left a tooth under his daughter's pillow as a threat. Dion still doesn't know that Detective Giordano's daughter is Marisa, nor does Detective Giordano know that Dion is the father of his future grandchild.

Tommy and TJ visit Rie's grave, where Tommy tells her that he knows she slept with Dion. As they drive home, TJ spots Andre at the site of Rie's death, using a homemade blowtorch to burn up the memorial.

Pilar goes for a walk with the Tooth Fairy, who asks her to work at his new restaurant. Pilar reveals that she lied to Tommy about being a widow. She was actually only at the grief group to pick up men who might be willing to commit to a serious relationship.

Aidan's doctor tells him the disease is moving fast and encourages him to ask Tommy for a bone marrow donation. Aidan refuses to ask Tommy. He also refuses to see if TJ might be a match. 

Dion catches Tommy drinking secretly in the wine cellar and encourages him to take the night off if he needs to, but Tommy refuses. He also tells Dion not to talk to TJ.

Tommy gets into an altercation with a customer over a bottle of wine that the customer claims is off. Dion comes out to apologize for Tommy's behavior. Tommy gets increasingly belligerent and the two of them go outside to fight.

Dion confesses to Tommy that he was in love with Rie, but reassures him that Rie did not love him back. Tommy tells Dion he has to move out and that they'll keep Thirio open just a little while longer for the crew. Dion goes to the Tooth Fairy and tells him that he can't leave Thirio. He then goes to Marisa and asks if he can spend the night. 

As the night winds down, Pilar comforts Tommy over what happened. The Tooth Fairy pays a male prostitute for his services, then strangles him. Marisa tries to seduce Dion but he turns her down, saying that there's someone else.

Feed the Beast
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Feed the Beast Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Dion: Tommy hates me.
Uncle Stavros: Hate, love -- that's family.

Fun fact, I am the only person in New York who does not like kale.