Opening a Restaurant - Feed the Beast
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Dion cooks a big meal for his guards in prison only to learn he has gotten out on parole eight months early. He snorts some coke and has sex with his lawyer before going to see his uncle, who gives him papers to leave the country. However, a Mob heavy named Patrick -- also known as the Tooth Fairy -- shows up looking for him. Dion manages to escape.


Tommy heads to work as a wine rep. His young son, TJ is getting into fights at school and failing his classes; he also hasn’t spoken a word since he saw his mother, Rie, get killed in a hit and run. While Tommy waits for TJ outside school, a counselor harangues him for drinking too much. However, Tommy claims it’s his job that makes him smell like alcohol all the time.


Dion asks Tommy if he can crash with him for a night before heading to Paris the next day. Tommy confronts him about how he got high on coke and burned down the restaurant they both worked at -- which was owned by Patrick the Tooth Fairy. Dion tries to convince Tommy to move to Paris with him so they can open a Greek restaurant together. However, Tommy is reluctant to believe they can open a restaurant without Rie.


At his grief group, Tommy meets a young woman, Pilar, whose husband died of a heart attack. Pilar is the manager of her sister’s restaurant in Harlem and wants Tommy to introduce them to some wines. Tommy breaks down during a roleplaying session in the group, crying that he can’t do anything with Rie.


Dion leaves Tommy’s apartment only to find Patrick waiting for him. Patrick takes Dion’s travel papers and burns them, telling Dion he owes them 600 grand. Dion tells him he can’t pay him back until he launches his new restaurant. Patrick agrees to let him live, but tells him that if he flees again, he’ll kill everyone he cares about -- including Tommy and TJ.


Dion and Tommy argue and smash up the apartment as they argue about whether they should open the restaurant. Eventually, Tommy agrees to ask his father for money so they can get started. However, while Dion is waiting for him to do so, a detective accosts him and demands information on the Tooth Fairy.

Feed the Beast
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Feed the Beast Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

Tommy: So, were you in the one prison without a weight room?
Dion: Don't worry, I'll still kick your ass.

No, you’re the only single parent whose son witnessed his mother get killed in a hit and run and who hasn’t spoken since.

School Counselor [to Tommy]