Tommy's Father - Feed the Beast
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Dion reminds Tommy that he needs to ask his father to ask him for money for the restaurant. Patrick tells Dion that he needs to see evidence that they have an investor within 48 hours.

Pilar calls Tommy and asks him if he can recommend any unique wines for their restaurant.  TJ ducks into a bathroom at school to hide and encounters a girl drawing all over the walls. He joins her.

Tommy's boss, Frank, confronts him about his bad sales and Tommy promptly quits. Tommy comes home only to find Dion furious that he has not yet asked his father for money. Patrick visits his father, Ziggy, in prison. Ziggy wants to know how he has punished Dion for burning down the restaurant.

Tommy and Dion pitch their restaurant to Tommy's father, Aidan, who agrees to try have a meal to see if its worth the investment. Tommy and Dion are arguing over the menu when Pilar unexpectedly shows up. Dion offers to pick TJ up from school so Tommy can talk to Pilar about wines. Dion takes TJ to a market to pick out the ingredients for the Aidan's meal, and picks up some cocaine while he is at it. 

Aidan arrives and meets his grandson for the first time. The meal proceeds. When Aidan drops his spoon under the table TJ notices that he keeps a gun tucked in his shoe. Aidan agrees to invest, but only if he gets to see TJ every week. Tommy initially refuses, arguing that Aidan is a racist who has never come to see his half-black grandson before. However, Dion convinces him to give it a shot. 

Dion tries to get his lawyer to review the contract Aidan drew up for them, but she refuses. Pilar looks at it and comes over to tell Tommy that it is a bad contract, but he isn't home, and Dion refuses to listen to her. He guilts her into not telling Tommy about the bad elements of the contract. Tommy and Pilar attend their grief group. Tommy tells everyone that he feels that he is finally shaking off his depression. He comes home and tells Dion that Pilar said the contract was good. 

Tommy sees bruises all over TJ after a visit with Aidan and wants to know if Aidan gave them to him. Tommy and Aidan get into a fight that only ends when Aidan draws a gun. Tommy tells Dion that there is no way they can do business with Aidan after that, but Dion has already told Patrick that they have the money.

Feed the Beast
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Feed the Beast Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Dion: What's the one thing everyone says the Bronx doesn't have?
Aidan: White people.
Dion: White people, and a restaurant.

You're opening a restaurant? In the Bronx?

Frank, to Tommy