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Dion and Tommy are interviewed on the local news about Thirio's impending opening. Dion tells an anxious Tommy to not worry too much about the soft opening that night. Pilar asks Dion where $15,000 in cash for the restaurant went; Dion tries to skirt the issue and charms her into stepping in as hostess. However, Pilar tells him they can't get more money from Aidan to pay the kitchen crew unless they submit receipts for all payments that day.

The Tooth Fairy visits his father in the hospital. Dion asks his Uncle Stavros print out fake receipts to cover for the missing expenses. Tommy snoops through Rie's old laptop and finds a folder full of videos of her describing recipes to Dion and flirting with him. Dion apologizes to Marisa for reacting to the news of her pregnancy the way he did and invites her to Thirio's soft opening. 

The restaurant's gas and hot water are turned off because Pilar missed a payment. Dion is furious, but Tommy reassures Pilar that she's been great. The kitchen crew urges Pilar to make a move on Tommy. Meanwhile, the Tooth Fairy meets with an Asian mob boss, who asks him for cocaine. The Tooth Fairy accuses her of being responsible for the hit on his father and demands that she leave the Bronx. 

Mose figures out a way to illegally turn the gas back on, and the crew gets to work cooking. Everyone prepares for the soft opening, which for Dion involves doing some cocaine. Tommy can't stop watching the videos of Rie and Dion on her laptop. Pilar interrupts him with an opening night present and tries to tell him how she feels about him, but Tommy is still thinking about Rie. Mose tells Pilar that the wine shop on one of Dion's receipts closed last year. Pilar confronts Dion, who accuses her of being incompetent. Dion tries to kiss her, and she punches him in the face -- before kissing him back. 

The restaurant starts to fill up with guests. Tommy introduces the wines while Dion runs the kitchen. Pilar, as hostess, welcomes Aidan to the restaurant.  Marisa shows up, which makes Pilar feel guilty about her passionate hookup with Dion. Marisa asks Pilar to let her know if she sees Dion with any other women. 

Child protective services show up unannounced during the soft opening and question the suitability of TJ's situation -- especially with a restaurant opening in the space underneath Tommy's apartment. Aidan gives a speech about the stability of the Moran family to get them to leave--but they warn that they'll be back for at least one more unannounced visit. 

Following the successful dinner, the Tooth Fairy shows up uninvited at the crew's rooftop celebration to demand the cocaine back from Dion. A gang-related shooting takes place right outside the restaurant, and people start calling to cancel their reservations for the following evening. Tommy blames Dion, wanting to know why the Tooth Fairy was there right before the shooting happened, and asks if he ever got rid of his cocaine. Dion tries to reassure Tommy that everything will be okay. Tommy visits Rie's grave to share his concerns and asks if she slept with Dion. 

Feed the Beast
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Feed the Beast Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Opening a restaurant in the Bronx takes good old-fashioned New York moxie.

Reporter Mary Sue White

As sort of a father, I'd say it's not the worst, you know? To be a dad?

Stavros, to Dion