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TJ has a hard time getting out of bed knowing that the following day is Rie's birthday. Meanwhile, Pilar is angry that Dion hasn't gotten her a final menu yet despite Thirio being set to open in six days.

Tommy finds out that Pilar has not yet secured the liquor license for the restaurant, but tells her he'll handle it while she visits her sister in the hospital. He asks Aidan to expedite it, but Aidan says there are no guarantees. Tommy overhears Aidan being sick.

The Tooth Fairy tells his father that he killed the prison guard responsible for the attack on him, and will find the rat in the mob. TJ is painting a mural with his friend Lee when bullies confront them. TJ uses his newfound boxing skills -- thanks to Aidan's training -- to defend himself. 

Marisa comes in to the restaurant to give a message to Dion, but only Pilar is around. When Pilar finds out that Marisa is going to an abortion clinic, she tells her not to go and shares her own regretful experience of having an abortion.

In exchange for helping Dion get rid of Kevin, Detective Giordano asks him to wear a wire the next time he sees the Tooth Fairy. After, Dion finds Marisa waiting for him with her positive pregnancy test. She tells him she was going to abort the baby until Pilar changed her mind. Dion is furious and goes to snort some cocaine. 

The guidance counselor brings TJ home following the fight he started at school. She tells Tommy that not only will TJ be suspended for two days, but that she is calling in child services.

The Tooth Fairy invites some of his henchmen over for dinner and kills the one he thinks is the rat. Aidan's doctor tells him that his sickness is relapsing and that he needs a bone marrow transplant. Without it, his prognosis is less than a year.

It's Rie's birthday. TJ visits the memorial where Rie died, while Tommy and Dion pay a visit to her grave. Tommy remembers Rie's last birthday before she died, when she wished for a perfect opening night for Thirio. He tells Pilar how hard it is to talk to TJ about  Rie's death.

Marisa goes to Detective Giordano and tells him he is going to be a grandfather -- turns out, he's her dad. Aidan gives TJ another lesson in shooting a gun. The Tooth Fairy summons Dion and shows him the severed head of the man who betrayed him in the refrigerator. He frisks Dion but does not find the wire. Turns out, Dion never wore it in the first place, and Detective Giordano is furious. 

Tommy gets furious at TJ when he won't tell him whether he started the fight. Tommy tells Dion he's tired of being so angry all the time, and asks him to keep cocaine out of their home. Afterward, he apologies to TJ for yelling at him.

Feed the Beast
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Feed the Beast Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Tommy, to Pilar: Believe me, if we served this crap, the state would revoke our liquor license.
Tommy: What? Please tell me we have a liquor license.

Tell me what I need to know. Rie always told me what I needed to know.

Dion, to Tommy