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When Joan is asked to give her autograph to a new actress on set for the girl's grandmother, Joan wants her replaced. Bob says no.

Joan goes to Bette, who doesn't want to get involved. So Joan uses another ploy. Bette threatens to go home sick and Bob sends the girl packing.

Joan was Jack's message to Bette. It wasn't long before Crawford found her role, which Bette would have never passed over if she knew it was oscar material.

Jack Warner used them both by playing them off each other so they hated each other.

On the Baby Jane set, they began getting along, much to Bob's dismay. 

Jack wants to open the movie wide, on 400 screens. To do it, Bob needs to keep them at each others throats. Bob is upset because he knows the whole the whole crew knows Bette and Joan have teamed up to push him around. Bob's wife is alarmed he's willing to pit the two of them against each other, especially when she's heard he's having an affair with Gretchen. 

Does he really want to start spreading gossip when she knows first hand how much it hurts?

Bob and Hedda meet for lunch. Bob throws Bette under the bus with a terrible comment about Joan. Bette is left blindsided and Joan terribly upset.

Joan Blondell and Olivia de Havilland talk about the feud years later, saddened to hear the stars were being used so terribly by the men around them. Joan says nothing would change even today. If Jane Fonda and Dyan Cannon were in the same waters, they'd still eat their own and pick their teeth with the bones.

Jack Warner thinks the women aren't acting to their best, but what is appearing on screen is pure naked rancor. He wants more.

Bette gets help from Jack with her song about Daddy, and the crew is abuzz about their relationship.

In retaliation, Joan calls in the middle of the night crying that Peter has left her. On Autumn Leaves, Joan tried to seduce Bob to get the picture. While they're arguing over it, Peter comes home and Joan decides to recast him.

In the morning, Joan's getting a massage when Hedda arrives. 

BD is hanging in front of the grips, and Bette wants to send her away. BD lays into her about riding too long on the carousel and making a joke of herself.

Bette can't believe her leading man is a chubby homosexual. She finds solace in Bob's arms.

Henrietta is waiting, awake, when he gets home. He no sooner lays down in bed than he's off again because the alarm rings.


FEUD: Bette and Joan
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