The Big Fight - Filthy Rich
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  • Franklin thinks back to when he was a teen and planned on havng a nice dinner away with Margaret but Eugene and his friends came and found him and beat him up. 
  • Antonio gets ready for the fight. he's still upset about having to throw it. 
  • Antonio doesn't make weight on fight day and Yopi gets on his case. They get an hour for him to drop two pounds. 
  • Margaret finds out that Rose is going to New York for her fashion line. But she notices that Rose's behavior suggest that she's pregnant. 
  • Rose takes a pregnancy test and finds out that she is pregannt. Margaret goes to Rose's ex, Brett, who is running the fight and tells him to marry her daugther for knocing her up, but he tells her that he's not the father. 
  • Mark finds out from Brett that Rose is pregnant and tells her that he wants the baby. He also says if she doesn't want it then she could give it up. Ginger tells her that she can get an abortion. 
  • Rose feels pressured from everyone. 
  • Becky tells Eric that she wants an divorce. Paul tries to stop it, but she admits that she had an affair. 
  • Becky tells Ginger that she left Eric and that she would like to be with Ginger. Ginger offers to let Becky stay at her new apartment with her. They want to try to make things work out. 
  • Eugene and Luke are piecing things together and Luke tells Eugene that he thinks someone had his plane go down. Eugene has background on how opportunistic Paul is. 
  • Rose gets on Margeret for sharing her business and says she is going to NYC. She says that she will go to get an abortion if she pleases even if Margaret doesn't condone it. 
  • Paul tells Luke about Becky divorcing Eric. 
  • Haggamon is watching everyting happening around. 
  • Yopi tells Rachel and the girls to make a bet of all of Antonio's 6 million on the fight. Antonio doesn't throw it, but Yopi is proud of him. She knew he wouldn't and they tripled thier money. 
  • Don and Paul are mad about the outcome. 
  • Haggamon attacks Becky and takes baby Jesus when Rachel and Eric are in the other room together. 
  • Luke calls Ginger to telll her to come over to show her his new ifnormation and Eugene wants to see her. He goes to get flowers for her, but when he comes back, the coroner is there. Someone knocked on Luke's door and killled him. 
  • Ginger, Rose, and Margaret are on a plane to NYC so Rose can get an abortion and haven't answered any calls. 
  • Franklin feels rejected by Margaret who asked him for more time. 
  • After Paul threatened to expose him, Mark told Paul to screw off, and he ended up beating up Brett and reporting himself to the police with his real name. 
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Filthy Rich Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Eric and I had to get married. I don't think he ever loved me anyway.


Realtor: This is an open-minded school district.
Ginger: This house isn't for us.
Becky: I'm not a lesbian.