L - Kane Brown (Actor) - Fire Country Season 1 Episode 18
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Manny shares in his addicts' group. Elsewhere, a freight train races. Bode reads a letter about his parole hearing.

After sharing, a woman comes up to Manny after group is over, and she offers him a job. She is the CEO of a private fire company. And flirts with him.

Jake and Eve confront each other about not checking up on each other.

Bode calls his parents to update them on the progress of the parole hearing. As they talk, Bode hears the train crash from afar.

The train rams into a prom party bus stuck on the tracks.

Jake's mom shows up.

Inmate firefighters respond to the emergency and call for backup when they see the number of victims.

A man called Robin introduces himself to the Bode and offers to help. He was on the train.

Station 42 responds to the emergency. They try to save anyone who can be saved, but the efforts are complicated by the presence of jet fuel in the train.

Manny calls Faye for help, and she offers a helicopter.

Vince tries to get Eve to take a break as she is struggling.

Bode and Freddy check out a bag Robin had left with them, and they find a lot of cash inside.

Jake's mom talks to him about his dad's secrets.

Manny and Faye hook up, but he turns down her job offer.

Bode and Gabriela talk about their future.

A strung-out Eve drives her truck out on the open road.

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Fire Country Season 1 Episode 18 Quotes

Jake: I'm saying 9 days since I was accused of being an arsonist, and you haven't apologized to me.
Eve: Well, I didn't accuse you.
Jake: No. You didn't defend me, either. You didn't even ask me to see how I'm doing.
Eve: What's the last time you asked me how I'm doing?
Jake: How you been? I'm genuinely asking.
Eve: Since Rebecca? No great. But I started following chief's order. Fire, family, and beer.

You know, you have your own son. And my son, he doesn't look like Bode. He doesn't share your privilege. And he had to deal with that investigation.