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After playing music using vary household instruments, Bret and Jermaine get evicted from their apartment.  Not for making too much noise.  No, for paying their rent for the last couple years in New Zealand dollars and not US dollars.  The guys owe over $1,000 and there's no way they're paying it.  The guys go to tell their problem to Murray and he tells them it's perfect, it follows the story of the musical he's written about their rise to success (which they've yet to actually achieve).  The musical ends with their musical being a hit.  It has to be true if Murray wrote it down!

The guys asks to stay at Murray's but they can't because of his groping problem.  They go to stay at a hotel but the only room they can afford is the room where someone was murdered... that morning.  They end up staying at Mel's but when the couple gets divorced, each guy has to go with a different "parent."  The guys then put on their musical and it goes horrible and puts a little too much emphasis on how they're illegal immigrants.   The guys end up being deported back to New Zealand and the show ends with them singing a song back in their country.  Stay tuned for season three.

Flight of the Conchords
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