Bret and Jermaine get evicted from their apartment and try to put on a musical.

Dave and Jermaine become Bret's wingmen to help him pick up the girl that works at the local pet store.


The Conchords discover style when they find gel; Murray tries to set up New Zealand Town in New York.

"Prime Minister"

Murray attempts to arrange a presidential meeting for the visiting Prime Minister of New Zealand. Jermaine and Bret perform as a Simon and Garfunkel tribute band.

"Love Is a Weapon of Choice"

Bret and Jermaine both fall for a woman, Brahbrah (Kristen Wig) who's missing dog as epilepsy. Desperate to impress her, the two guys throw a benefit supporting epileptic dogs.

"Unnatural Love"

After a one night stand, Jermaine is horrified to find out he slept with an Austalian.

"Murray Takes It to the Next Level"

Murray tries to take his friendship with Bret and Jermaine to the next level from "work mates" to "colleagues." Meanwhile, Mel demands an apology from Bret for something he did in her dream.

"The Tough Brets"

After "dissing" rappers in a song they played at a local public library gig, Bret starts a gang when he fears for his safety.

Bret and Jermaine run into money problems after Bret splurges and buys a second tea cup.

"A Good Opportunity"

Breat and Jermaine fire Murray when he ignores them to focus on his hit band, the Crazy Dogggz. After firing him, they receive an offer to write a jingle for a commercial.

Flight of the Conchords Quotes

Jemaine: I think I know where I went wrong last night.
Bret: Yeah?
Jemaine: Yeah, Sally wanted to leave when you turned the light on. I think she found it weird - the whole thing with you there with the - with the light ... on.
Bret: Yeah, I think it might also be because she and I used to go out.
Jemaine: Yeah. It's 'cause you and her used to go out, but also because of the thing with the light. She's thinking, "Oh this is a nice situation." But then, "Ugh, who-- who turned on the light?"
Bret: Yeah. Yeah, maybe. But I think it's mainly because her and I used to go out... for like six months.
Jemaine: Yeah, well -- yeah, it's mainly because you used to go out, but also mainly because of the whole situation with the light.
Bret: Yeah, but the last thing you want to see when you're hooking up is your ex in the same room.
Jemaine: Yeah, and you also don't want to be startled by a light, do you?

Murray: I've told you. When you are in a band, you don't get with your bandmate's girlfriend. Past or present.
Jemaine: Yes, well, thanks for that.
Murray: You get a love triangle, you know, a Fleetwood Mac situation. Although there was four of them, so more of a love square. But you know, no-one gets on.
Jemaine: Ok, I see.
Murray: Mind you, they did make some of their best music back then.
Bret: Rumours
Murray: No. No, it's all true