Watch Flight of the Conchords Season 1 Episode 2
"Bret Gives Up the Dream"
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When the band is doing bad financially, Bret is forced to get a job as a human billboard, making him unable to make the band's gig at a travel expo. Murray and Jermain replace Bret with a cassette tape at the gig. Bret meets a girl named Coco at work.

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When Bret and Jermain go to a party at their friend Dave's place, Jermaine meets and falls for a girl named Sally. Jermaine's relationships leaves Bret feeling neglected and Murray helps the band film a music video.

Flight of the Conchords Quotes

Murray: He may be dead.
Dave: He maybe did what?
Murray: He may be dead.
Dave: I know, but what did he maybe do?
Murray: He may be dead.
Dave: Yeah, maybe he did, maybe he didn't. What did he maybe do?
Bret: No, he may be dead.
Dave: Are you guys fucking with me?

Jemaine: I think I know where I went wrong last night.
Bret: Yeah?
Jemaine: Yeah, Sally wanted to leave when you turned the light on. I think she found it weird - the whole thing with you there with the - with the light ... on.
Bret: Yeah, I think it might also be because she and I used to go out.
Jemaine: Yeah. It's 'cause you and her used to go out, but also because of the thing with the light. She's thinking, "Oh this is a nice situation." But then, "Ugh, who-- who turned on the light?"
Bret: Yeah. Yeah, maybe. But I think it's mainly because her and I used to go out... for like six months.
Jemaine: Yeah, well -- yeah, it's mainly because you used to go out, but also mainly because of the whole situation with the light.
Bret: Yeah, but the last thing you want to see when you're hooking up is your ex in the same room.
Jemaine: Yeah, and you also don't want to be startled by a light, do you?