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Reagan wins the election.

Escalating tensions with the space race. All kinds of bad news is now in conjunction with the space race. John Lennon lives, while the Pope is killed. Prince Charles married Camilla, not Diana.

May 21, 1983, Jamestown colony.

Ellen doesn't want another party. She's chatting with Harry on video. She wants no big 40 luau or any of that. She tells him that she's staying inside this time instead of going out to see the sunshine. She's giving the others a chance to enjoy it, and she's going to enhoy having the base to herself one last time. They sign off with "I love yous," which is different.

A whole host of others are waiting for the sunrise. There are ten of them. Molly is one of them. Apollo 37 named twin peaks Lenny and Squiggy.

Lights out for everyone to enjoy the show. Here comes the sun!

There are a whole lot of astronauts on the moon, none of which can sing. Every Little Thing Is Gonna Be Alright.

I don't recognize most of the cast names. Interesting.

Twenty-four hours earlier

Margo is waking up in her office, where she apears to be living. Her assistant, Hildy, delivers some messages, mostly from her family. There is a lot of space activity. Wow.

Margo has a lot of pull. It's hard to tell what the hell is going on, but it's a lot of stuff.

Oh, Michaela Conlin has joined the cast. She's arguing with a guy named Gary to go see the chief astronaut. That's Ed to you and me.

Gary wants a slot on Pathfinder, the next generation shuttle. It's set to redefine space travel as they know it, propelling the US to Mars and beyond. But Gary doesn't get the answer he wanted.

When Gary turns around to give it another go, Ed gets a little smirk on his face.

Gordo is speaking at a dinner when he's asked about his heroic moment at Jamestown. Continuing the lie still eats at him.

The president has a problem with Pathfinder. The president wants to arm it on its first flight. The car the other dude has is electric. Ed says it's a toy, and he doubles down on that when he learns it only goes 65.

Astronauts are still hanging at The Outpost, but now it's a tourist spot with a vibe kind of like TGI Fridays. Karen runs the joint and is bringing in a lot of money. Ed says he was skeptical, and she'll remind him of that.

They have an adopted daughter. She's looking at colleges.

Tracy is on The Johnny Carson show. She's an American hero. She just got married to a man named Sam. Karen and Ed are shocked. Gordo is shocked, too. Apparently, she left a message on the machine, her son says.

Tracy married Sam Cleveland. Not sure who that is. Ed checks in with Gordo to see how he's handling it.

Skylab, US Space Station.

A woman named Dorian is in Skylab chatting with a fellow named Bill on the ground. She sees something worrisome -- a major solar flare. They're losing contact with space already, a vehicle just outside of Mercury's orbit.

We knew that the sunrise wasn't going to be as beautiful as singing Every Little Thing, right?

The solar flare is bigger than anything they've ever seen. The earth's magnetic field will shield those on earth and close enough, but those elsewhere are, well, fucked.

The thing is moving at 30 times the speed of light. They have less than 30 minutes to get to the storm shelter. Ellen asks them to shelter in place if they cannot get back to Jamestown. Their bouncy runs seem futile.

Molly and her friend are too far out. They need to shelter in place. God bless them.

Molly found a cave, but as the numbrers roll out down below, she leaves her altermiter (thing) to rescue someone else on the surface who has had an accident.

By the time she get to him, it appears he's already dead, She tries rolling over the rover, but she can't do it. She ties him to her and drags him across the surface of the moon.

She makes it, but there's no way she was out of the range of the flare, and she doesn't move too far inside the cave. The guy's wrist thing is beet red. Her's though, show's green becuase she wasn't wearing it. She's a dead woman walking.


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For All Mankind Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

Gary: When do I get my shot?
Ed: Just trust me when I tell you that when you're ready, I'll let you know.

It's not good. It's not good at all.