For Life Season 2 Episode 9 Review: The Blue Wall

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Things are getting heated, and they certainly are getting ugly.

Aaron and the team are deep into their Andy Josiah case on For Life Season 2 Episode 9, and by the end of the hour, they took a massive swing.

And there is no going back now.

Ruins  - For Life Season 2 Episode 9

Going against the Blue Wall is a terrifying, dangerous, and seemingly impossible task, but that's exactly what Aaron, Henry, and Masry are doing.

The worst part about it is that doing so endangers them and their loved ones because of their involvement in this case.

The majority of the hour was spent showing the effects of the case on all those involved. With something like this, it's so much bigger than the people in it. It's a special interest case, so entire communities and different agendas factor in.

No one was spared.

On watch  - For Life Season 2 Episode 9

As a Black woman representing cops who killed an unarmed Black man and are actively working to cover their asses, Veronica is facing the Black community's ire.

The Attorney General picked up that this is a step in her long-term plan to get to office, but it's like threading a needle. If she doesn't play her cards right, she risks alienating all sides involved. And by doing so, it will make or break her in the end.

The man was murdered, shot in the back. Why do so many people have to suffer for him to get justice?


Veronica is ambitious, and she knows what's at stake, but it still seemed to catch her off guard when a stranger admonished and shamed her for where she stood on the case.

She seems like an ethical person, and she didn't hesitate to nail down what happened on that night when talking to Diaz and the cops. She's aware of some shady things going on with the cops, but I wonder if it's enough to matter.

The ACLU  - For Life Season 2 Episode 8

She has a job to do, yes, but will she be willing to overlook certain things? She doesn't come across as a terrible person, and she did seem genuine when expressing her remorse for what Aaron was facing, but then she offered him an unfathomable deal.

She has to be facing many things, but is it along the lines of what Aaron has to deal with going against the cops? It's not only the police he has to deal with, but rabid Blue Lives Matter supporters, too.

You're that cop lawyer I seen on TV. Shame on you!


It's doubtful cops spraypainted his home with the phrase and a death warning, but it is something supporters of theirs would do. However, it was the police who stopped him on his way home and held him up for two hours in a pulse-pounding, terrifying traffic stop.

They wanted to scare him and make him violate his curfew. Their behavior was despicable from the second they approached his window, and it seemed as if they were toying with him the whole time, waiting for some reason to hem him up.

Traffic Stop  - For Life Season 2 Episode 9

I felt awful for Jasmine when she heard some of it, but it was frustrating when he told her to be quiet, and she yelled into the phone anyway. She could've listened to the entire ordeal and knew he was safe if she muted.

And there is no way in hell I would've hung up at the cop's demand. Scotty continues to be an unexpected blessing and ally for Aaron. His growing concern for what's happening to Aaron keeps leaving him conflicted as law enforcement and a Black man.

Aaron: You think I'm biting off more than I can chew?
Spencer: I feel you've awakened the sleeping giant.
Aaron: They're not sleeping, Spencer.

You could see it in his eyes and during his exchanges. He does everything in his power to help when he can, and if Aaron's P.O. were anyone else, he would be back in prison.

Aaron getting his family away is the sensible move, same with Safiya, but I'm so glad Marie is staying with him. She expressed remorse for not sticking by his side before, and she's not trying to make that mistake again.

Surprising Ally  - For Life Season 2 Episode 9

The press is having a field day slandering all of them, and Henry was taking it hardest. Because of his previous life with his role in some laws, and his past alcoholism, he's catching hell.

It left him thinking he was more of a liability than an asset, but I cannot imagine how they'd get through all of this without Henry. They each have a distinctive style and quality they need.

Henry is a beast. He's blunt, not afraid to play dirty, and has connections. He's the heavy-hitter of the team.

Although, Safiya has some tricks up her sleeve too. Sherwin was another person who faced hell because of his involvement in this case. The cops sent an undercover inside and somehow got him for selling alcohol to a minor.

Petrifying Ordeal  - For Life Season 2 Episode 9

He's facing heat for being a snitch. He also has others who think he's somehow guilty for Andy's death and those angry at him for going against the cops.

It was enough to make him want to back out, but the truth is it wouldn't have made a difference. Masry encouraging him to get out of town until the trial was over was unexpected but clever.

You were complicit every day you stepped into a car with that sociopath and if it were up to me, we wouldn't even be offering you that deal.


They would be able to use his recording with his authentication testimony if he left town.

Masry was also on fire when it came to addressing Matranga. They figured out that they could probably get him to flip on his partner and Diaz after seeing the tape.

Graffiti  - For Life Season 2 Episode 9

Diaz orchestrated the coverup of what happened, and Linsley made sure his name wasn't on any of the documents for the traffic stop. They both let Matranga hanging out there to dry.

Matranga wasn't even near the car when everything happened, so they were willing to offer him immunity if he went against his brothers in blue. Masry was not OK with that, though, and you can't blame her.

Matranga wasn't guilty of the actions, but he is complicit. He knew the guy he was getting in the car with, and he never once asked to transfer somewhere else. It's that type of awareness and silence that is unacceptable.

Asking Matranga to break away from the Blue Line was a huge risk.

Past Catches Up  - For Life Season 2 Episode 9

The case has gotten extremely messy, and we're only at the beginning of it. But Aaron announced his indictment charges against Diaz. The gloves are officially off.

And in a quieter moment, he was battling a homefront battle when Jasmine's activism clashed with what he's doing. He wants all of them as safe as possible, but Jasmine takes risks with her online petitions and protests.

The man was murdered, shot in the back. Why do so many people have to suffer for him to get justice?


Ronnie didn't need any more attention to him nor Aaron and the case. He's already going against the cops for this case, so they'll accuse him of having a vendetta because of what happened to Ronnie.

But it did lead to a lovely moment between Aaron and Spencer. Spencer has apologized for his role in sending Aaron away, and he's putting his money and actions where his mouth is.

Gloves Off  - For Life Season 2 Episode 9

Nevertheless, his remorse felt the most sincere here. He got the charges against Ronnie dropped, and knowing that he had the power to do so was a reminder of how he had that same ability years ago and used it for bad when he got Aaron put away.

It's something he pledges to spend the rest of his days atoning for, and I believe him.

Over to you, For Life Fanatics. Are you worried about Aaron? How do you think the case will play out? Do you like Veronica? Hit the comments below.

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The Blue Wall Review

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For Life Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

The man was murdered, shot in the back. Why do so many people have to suffer for him to get justice?


Sherwin: You were arrested for something you didn't deserve?
Aaron: Yes.
Sherwin: Then look me in the eye, Mr. Wallace, and tell me you didn't think something like that could happen.