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A young woman dressed in all 1970's attire answers her phone and asks why the person is calling her and tells them to leave her alone. Someone appears at her door and she is shocked, but we don't see who it is .

Her body is found with trash all around it. Her flat mate Jennifer, is questioned and informs the NYPD that Sarah was obsessed with 197-'s and dropped all her classes at college, except from one that was run by Molly.

Molly feels an instant connection to Henry and the two of them get frisky at the crime scene.

Molly is hauled in to help with the case because of her expertise.

A man named Neville's wife died in the same apartment in the 1970's. It quickly emerges that he hired Jennifer to dress as her and killed her. He admits as much, but the team realizes he has a daughter who has a big record. Upon questioning her they realize that Sarah wasn't the only one hired to look like his wife.

The one the woman saw was Jennifer. Jennifer is seen in Molly's lecture and kidnaps her. Henry and Jo barge in and Molly is stabbed in the neck.

She is alive at the end and Henry kisses her and says they can't be together at the moment.

In flashbacks we see Henry and Abigail hit a rough patch when Abigail ages dramatically and she is too embarrassed to be seen with Henry.

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Forever Season 1 Episode 16 Quotes

Could be an extra. Maybe they're remaking saturday night fever.


she had changed and not just the way she looked.