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An old man causes a stir when he appears at an embassy with his passport. He is the King of Urkesh. Later, he dies suspiciously. The team investigates and find out he was poisoned. While checking for more clues, it emerges that he had taken an interest in a waitress named Lydia prior to dying.

When the team go see her, she confirms that he said he was a king. When Henry and Jo tell her the truth, she is very shocked as she thought he was crazy. Turns out, he had an affair with her mother while still with his wife.

Someone from the Embassy is the killer and he sets out to kill Lydia, who is saved by Jo.

Abe continues his search into his past and finds out that Henry and him are related. The two of them are ecstatic with the news.

In flashbacks we get to see Henry and Abigail on their honeymoon in the Orient Express. They must save a young boy who's appendix burst. It turns out that his father is the king of Urkesh. After they save him, the king shows up at their door with dinner for them and also asks to join.

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Forever Season 1 Episode 15 Quotes

Kings aren't murdered. They're assassinated.


You were right, doc. This guy does like to get his freak on.